Fitness Apps to Help Keep Your New Year's Resolution

What Are the Benefits of Using a Fitness App

Many of us believe that using a fitness app isn’t a better substitute for the traditional way of a fitness journey. Many believe that you need a trainer or a coach to get that body, or shed those extra kilos, or build up the muscles. However, with the invention of various home workout mobile applications that are powered by technologies, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the traditional misconception regarding fitness is slowly being dispelled.

These apps have revolutionized the way most people approach fitness. They offer the much-sort freedom to work out as per individual convenience and preference. This article gives insights into the key benefits of using a fitness app. These apps will make anyone forget about the premium memberships at the local gyms while maintaining the same level of fitness or healthy living, if not better. Do have a look.

A Personalized Fitness Program

When it comes to fitness, “one size cuts all” is not wise. People have unique needs and fitness goals and especially depending on their body types. 

Fitness apps are built using the power of various top technologies including machine learning and artificial intelligence that ensure that every user receives an exclusive workout plan based on their fitness goals. All that is needed to reap these unique benefits is providing various details including current fitness level, current and future fitness objectives, body measurements, among others. Providing these details helps the application create a unique program better suited for you.

Following these personalized fitness plans helps you achieve your fitness goals better. And, if your goal is to maintain your current fitness levels, there are hundreds of plans that are specifically developed for that aim. And, these apps do come with videos that make it easier to understand and do the workouts.


Fitness apps offer the flexibility of being to work out from anywhere at any given time. This is probably the most beneficial thing about fitness apps. They give the freedom of convenience. All you need to be able to work out is a mobile device and a stable internet, which to many, isn’t much of a hassle. Simply put, you get to work out anywhere including during that business trip, or during the family vacation, or if you are out of town for whatever reason. The convenience means there is no excuse for missing your workout. 

Little or No Equipment Needed

Using a fitness app can really go a long way in reducing the number of equipment you need. Most of the Spartan Apps focus on a home workout that requires little or no equipment. So, a mere yoga mat will have you doing your exercises anywhere. This comes in handy in maintaining your unique fitness regime.

Personalized Diet Guide

One of the most important aspects of fitness and healthy living is diet. The food we take plays a vital role in the general fitness of the body. Reliable fitness apps do provide tailor-made diet guides. The apps allow you to choose the option that best works for you from a variety of choices that include carbs-rich, non-vegetarian, protein-rich, vegetarians, among other diet plans.

AI-Based Coaching

Exercising is just but one aspect of it. Doing the exercise right is what makes the whole process beneficial. And, fitness apps understand this too well. For this reason, the apps come with AI-based trainers which are as effective as humans, if not better. These trainers guide you on the right postures and tips for more enhanced results. If you want strength, or stamina, or general fitness, they have a trainer to help you meet your goals. And, they do address some of the most common fitness-related questions. 

Help Track your Fitness

Best fitness apps currently available allow the user to set goals and track the progress of their fitness. Based on individual stamina and ability, these AI-powered apps will also recommend the best plan to achieve your goals in a faster yet quality manner. To take advantage of the feature all that is needed is the creation of an account and logging in every time you want to work out. 

Additionally, the apps have various fitness self-training activities that include yoga, meditations, among other specialized fitness programs. Some of the apps will go further to provide plans that target specific body parts giving you the option to manage your progress as you best wish.  And, they can offer instructions in audio to avoid the stress of staring at the device while busy with the workouts.  

Be sure to set realistic fitness goals especially on the weight target and the time frame you intend to meet these goals. This way, the fitness apps will come in handy in helping you realize these goals and get quality results. Be sure to share this article with more fitness enthusiasts.