Reasons Why Dogs Are Man’s Best Friend

Humans and dogs have been connected in a special relationship for literally thousands of years. They began as a practical help in the struggle to survive, and in modern times have become domesticated companions. Anyone who doesn’t own a dog may not fully realize how precious they can become to their owner. 

People love cats, but they can often be emotionally distanced and motivated solely by their desire for food. I’m now going to give six major reasons why dogs are a treasure to have. 

Unconditional Love

All you need to do with a dog is provide food and drink, daily exercise and not mistreat it. Dogs have bad short term memories. That means they forgive and forget. If you are grumpy, shout at them or push them away, it won’t be held against you. They won’t be holding a grudge tomorrow morning like humans often do. People may react to you if you are dressed unkempt or are clearly out of sorts. Dogs are happy to take you as they find you. They practice perfect mindfulness – not worrying about the past or the future. If someone experiences a sudden rush of oxytocin in their system, it’s a wave of love and trust. When the dog and its owners’ eyes meet, this is exactly what happens.

They Defend You

Dogs have instinctive behaviors and reactions from the past. One of them manifests in its desire to defend you from danger. That could be a perceived danger, such as the mailman, but the motivation is clear. If someone is on your doorstep trying to get in, your dog will want to know who it is and whether they can be trusted. Lots of people have dogs to deter burglars entering their premises. Going for a walk late at night can be a scary business that has real risks, but if you have a large dog by yourself you feel far more protected.

Dogs Help the Vulnerable

The police and the military are not slow to harness the contribution that dogs can make. If one hundred people are standing near a vehicle that may contain a bomb, a sniffer dog approaches in your stead. People who make and sell drugs are responsible for destroying many peoples’ lives – many of whom are vulnerable. When raids occur, the police often send in sniffer dogs to help find the drugs. 

Many charities exist today that train dogs to help people who are sight-impaired or disabled. Not only do they help with practical tasks like crossing the road, but they provide an incredible richness to someone’s existence. Thousands of people struggle with loneliness, depression, anxiety, phobias or even PTSD.  In recent years, more and more people have acquired ESAs or Emotional Support Animals. They are mainly cats and dogs, but can include other animals too. There is a legal process in order to be approved to have such an animal. I discovered from this website that it’s not hard provided you have a good case. A free screen test is followed by a short consultation with an approved mental health professional. If a person’s emotional needs will be supported by their pet an ESA letter is able to be printed off the computer or posted. People can then take this animal on planes when they travel. When applying for a flat, landlords are not allowed to refuse such people on the grounds of the ESA. Even where a ‘no pets’ policy exists for the building, people with ESAs have to be accepted.

They Make Great Company 

You’re never alone with a dog as they can reduce your Loneliness. Surveys have proven that people live longer if you have a canine. Because dogs are intelligent, they can be very entertaining and fun. It’s horrible arriving home to an empty house after a difficult day at work. An excited dog greeting you with a wagging tail is wonderful therapy: someone loves you and somebody cares! If you don’t enjoy eating alone, there is another benefit: dogs love food and will sit begging next to you. They won’t take their eyes off you in case there are scraps available. I’m sure you’ve heard the individuals who say they don’t like people, and that pets are much easier to get on with. That’s a real shame, but there can be some truth in that. People can hurt your feelings, but the dogs won’t. They are not treacherous.

They Have Basic Needs

I said earlier that all you have to do is be kind to them, feeding and watering them and giving them daily walks. They trust you. Dogs are unselfish and always practice gratitude. If you love them well, they are a friend for life. Your dog will be faithful to you and never decide to run away. Their daily walks may feel like a grind, particularly in bad weather, but the spin-offs for your health are significant. Just be sure to watch their diet and if you see your dog eating grass, find out why.

They Sense Your Emotions

Emotional intelligence in dogs – whatever next! In actual fact, dogs can sense how you are feeling – worried, scared, anxious, happy. They will mimic these emotions like a mirror. It’s like a recording that they play back to you. If you are crying, your dog will come up to you with its eyes wide open and want to be affectionate. If you are in danger from someone else the dog will be angry and on the warpath. 

As you can see, anyone who has a dog for a pet is a rich person. They have a real treasure that they should steward well. In return for the most basic care, a dog will be a consistent friend for life. It will be swift to forgive and slow to stop loving. Dogs will rejoice when you rejoice, and if you have challenges they will be there for you.