Audi Q5 TDI

The Surprise in the Audi Q5 TDI

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  Diesel is coming back in force in this battle for eco-friendly engines and smart designs in cars.  I am a personal fan of this often-overlooked fuel source and get unnecessarily excited every time a manufacturer announces a model with it as an option.  The hard fact is that Americans find it difficult to separate the thoughts of dirty diesel from the modern car-buying process, and while it is understandable, it is time for the change to occur.  And Audi is definitely leading the pack in showing the world that diesel is to be taken seriously.

As a TDI owner myself, it’s not often that a diesel vehicle will surprise me.  Granted, I own a v10 twin turbo diesel, but it still gets 30 MPG and has ungodly amounts of power behind it, and might be considered the most impractical SUV I can own, but I do love it.  My father has the 3.0 TDI Audi Q7, and I used to own the 2.0L TDI Jetta Sportwagen.  You might say I am hooked on these engines, and of course, there is a bias.  But when I got into the Audi Q5 TDI, I was blown away.  All the previously mentioned vehicles are amazing, but not necessarily perfect in every way.  The V10 is still a juggernaut on the road, and the Q7 is a bit under powered, while the Jetta didn’t really surprise most except for how quiet it was while on the road.  But here was this mid-size SUV, one that I have loved since it’s launch, packing this great engine, and all of a sudden, I felt like I was being reintroduced to this amazing engine and technology

From the acceleration to the lack of noise, the technological features such as start/stop and different driving modes, this was the first time I have driven a TDI and felt like it was the complete package.  And with the ability to get over 600 miles to a tank, more than double what I get in my vehicle, in a vehicle with clearance and a pure driving experience behind it, I couldn’t help but be amazed.  And neither could anyone that I was able to get into the vehicle.  Nobody believed it was a TDI, yet there it was, getting great economy and making the whole experience enjoyable along the way.

I often talk about the future of the car, and make suggestions that I hope at least one manufacturer will read, but this is the first time I can truly say that someone beat me to the punch.  The Q5, one of the best selling mid-size SUVs on the market, has such a range of options available that it truly can fit almost any budget and lifestyle.  And with the TDI added to the mix up, it’s hard to see why you would choose anything else.  It’s a very fun engine, one that can handle all the challenges ahead, including the Rocky Mountains, but also fit perfectly as a date-night ride.  It is a status symbol of sorts, and one that has earned its place in your garage.

Audi has done an amazing job at making the case for a TDI luxury vehicle, and has delivered on the promise over and over and over with their full range of options.  I couldn’t be happier about this, and while other manufactures have diesel options like BMW and Mercedes, there is something different about the TDI.  It’s a level of pride to make the claim, to have this vehicle in your driveway, and to brag about it to your friends.  Having owned them for years, I can say that is a fact.  And with the Q5 TDI, there is something that just backs that pride up with performance, comfort, and surprise with every turn.