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Putting the Garden to Bed

Common Gardening Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Have you recently noticed that your garden is not looking as good as others on your street, and you are looking for some new ways to make sure that you are doing things properly? Perhaps you are just getting started as a gardener, and need some guidance in order to avoid making simple mistakes? 

Maybe you have been gardening for a while now, and are always looking for new tips and tricks in order to get better and improve your garden? If this sounds like you, then read on for some helpful information. This article will talk about a few common gardening mistakes that you need to avoid in order to experience success in the garden. You will be amazed at the different types of things you can grow with just a little bit of effort and planning. 

Not planning

A great way to ensure that your garden is disorganized and prone to mistakes is to not take the time to plan out each part of your garden. Planning is one of the best ways to troubleshoot different ideas and to help ‘weed out’ any ideas that might cause you problems later on. If you want to make any kind of project successful then you should strive to get everything as organized as possible before you ever buy a single plant or seed packet. 


Another mistake that many people make when caring for a plant is actually overwatering it. Overwatering can cause moisture to pool on the roots and base of your plant, which can eventually lead to the plant tissue breaking down and beginning to rot. This will result in a plant that is no longer healthy and beginning to decompose. You should always follow instructions on your seed packet, or do some research online in order to see what the appropriate amount of water is for whichever plants you are trying to grow. 


One of the most common mistakes that many beginner gardeners make is planting in an area that does not get enough light for the plant to thrive. Almost all plants need sunlight to survive, but different varieties can require vastly different lighting levels. Things like cactuses and succulents thrive in well-lit conditions which vary from humid to very dry. Other plants such as the Pothos prefer a more dimly lit setting, and can even thrive off indirect sunlight for long periods of time. Plant gurus from Harper Nurseries talk about the different levels of lighting which various plants need, and a few strategies that you can implement in order to make sure that the light levels are optimized. Lighting is an extremely important part of caring for your plant, so make sure you do it the right way. 


If you want to experience success in your garden, then something you need to keep a careful eye on is the timing required to successfully grow your different plants or vegetables. If you want to have nice tulips in the spring, then you will need to properly time out planting your bulbs in the fall so that everything is all ready to go when spring comes around. This can also be true if you are trying to grow garlic since it must be in your soil over the winter so that it will sprout properly in the spring and summer. 


Something that is pretty common among rookie gardeners is planting your seeds or seedlings a little too close to one another. Planting things like carrot seeds, radish, beets, and other root vegetables too close together will often result in every plant experiencing stunted growth since there is insufficient room for them to spread out. Many seed packets will often have detailed instructions which will tell you how far apart each seed should be placed, and also the depth in the soil which will optimize growing conditions. 

After exploring a few of the different bits of useful information included in this article, the hope is that you have found some useful information on a few common garden mistakes you need to avoid. Gardening is not that difficult to be successful at, but if you keep making the same mistakes over and over again, then you can expect to get similar results. By changing up your approach to gardening and making sure to avoid some of the most common mistakes, then you can expect to be much more successful. Take the time to find some ways to implement the different pieces of advice included in this article in order to create your own gardening strategy that will result in a beautiful outdoor space that you will be able to enjoy with your friends and family.