Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy by The Traveler Beer Co

The Traveler Beer Co. has done something extremely interesting with Jack-O Traveler Pumpkin Shandy; at first I was very skeptical but after finishing my first bottle I am very excited to add this to my standard fall rotation. The Pumpkin Shandy pours beautifully with a consistent and dense head that settles to a quarter of an inch, enough to perfectly aerate the beer as you drink. The nose on this fall Shandy is a big surprise; even before getting my face down to the beer itself I was hit with an overpowering scent of cinnamon and nutmeg. After the initial surprise of such a powerful first scent I was able to pick up faint evidence of lemon peel, but the pumpkin and its accompanying spices quickly over powered it.

The color is a beautiful amber brown that has a distinct orange hue that gives this beer a beautiful aura that is unmatched by any other beer that I have reviewed, it is quite a sight to behold in its rightful Shandy glass. The taste is far more balanced than the nose would ever indicate with the pumpkin dominant but in no way overpowering. The pumpkin taste is beautifully complimented by the wheat base that is accented by faint notes of lemon peel and additional spices that are reminiscent of a hearty fall meal. I do not fully understand the Shandy designation that the brewers gave this beer due to the fact that it is not overly carbonated nor does it have any notes of fruit juice or ginger, but it is a great Fall Ale that I would put up against any in that style.

I look forward to sharing a pack of this with family and friends as we gather around a fall meal in late October as the sun sets early and we light the fireplace to compensate.