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5 Jobs You Don’t Need Qualifications For

You don’t necessarily need qualifications to get good paying jobs. There are times when your resources can pay as well as your skills when you need a job or want an extra income. If you’re looking for jobs that you don’t need qualifications for, we’ve compiled a list below. Take a look.


You don’t need a degree to be a waiter or waitress. It’s often a great job to have while you’re studying or if you need an evening job to make some extra cash. You’ll often spend some time training before you’re left to do the job by yourself.

This is a great fit if you’re good with people and have good communication skills. It can also help if you’re someone who doesn’t take things personally as you’ll likely have to deal with a rude customer or two.

Uber Driver

There aren’t many requirements for becoming an Uber driver, other than having your own car. Essentially, you’re running your own business by driving people from A to B. People can use the Uber app to request a lift and you can take on jobs where and when you choose.

It’s important that you get Uber insurance to cover you as a driver before you start the job. Depending on how often you work, you can make a significant amount with this job.


You don’t necessarily need qualifications to be a writer. It’s often better to study before you start writing but if you have a natural talent it can get you by. You’ll need excellent writing and communication skills to start any kind of writing job.

Whether it’s copywriting, becoming an author, social media content, or many more, creativity is a key. Like many other jobs, writing can become lucrative with experience.


Many successful photographers are self-taught. If you’re a visual person with a passion for photography, you can get started whenever you’re ready. With the quality of cameras on phones now, you can start by taking pictures on your phone.

However, having a professional camera will allow you to be more professional. You’ll need to narrow down your niche, whether it be wedding photography, nature, or anything else. Once you know your specific passion it will be easier to break into the industry.


Printing is a huge business. With everything from business board advertising to stickers and t-shirts, you’ll always have customers. It can be costly to buy the printing machines needed to do the work but you don’t need any qualifications to get started.

Experience will teach you how to print items properly and how to get the quality just right for your customers. It’s a lucrative business with plenty of potential for anyone willing to work at it. However, be careful of not running before you can walk in this business.

There are many jobs that require nothing more than a willingness to work. If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the others.