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I Suddenly Want a BMW M3

Cars  /   /  By Richard Melick

The team over at the recently formed Imola Media teamed up with CurbBangers to capture this hot M3 to the small screen. Will Wattanawongkiri of Will Wattanawongkiri Racing fame, pushes his F80 chassis BMW M3 like every enthusiast wishes they could through the canyons of California.

Watching this video gets me all kinds of pumped up, crazing the canyon-carving driving and deep exhaust tone from the hot sedan. Always loved from afar, the M3 has always been a ride I would love to add to my stable. Even as a fanatic Audi fan, I will admit the allure of the newest BMW M3/M4s is big, and when built right, these rides just seem the be the best thing on 4 wheels to hit the roads as of late.

The Imola Media team does a great job of capturing the elements that make this ride special, desirable, and fun, tapping into the carnal desire we all have as automotive enthusiasts.

So sit back and take it all in, let your mind wander to the canyons and listen to every note of that beautiful exhaust. It should get your heart pumping.

Richard Melick
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Co-founder and Editor of I am a writer and photographer with global travel ambitions. I never shy from a new recipe, adventure, or experience. I write about what I love.

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