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How to Protect Your Tools 

Whether you are into DIY around the home or a professional tradesperson, it is important that you keep your tools in the best possible condition. A high-quality set of tools can last you for life, but you need to know how to keep them in the best condition if this is to happen and you do not want to be working with tools that are damaged and worn. So, how can you protect your tools?

Store Them Correctly

Often, damage to tools is not from using them but from how they are stored. Tools can suffer from damage when they are not stored correctly with issues like rust being a major factor. This is why a tool chest can be a great option as they will keep your tools cool, dry and protected at all times. A tool chest could then be kept in the home, shed or garage. Tools can also be targeted by criminals, especially expensive power tools. This is why you need to use a lock on your tool chest and keep the chest somewhere that is safe and secure. If you have them in the van on a job, make sure that the van is locked anytime that it is left alone.

Maintain Them

You also need to know how to protect your tools after use. This should include inspecting them on a regular basis and repairing or replacing them as soon as possible if there is any damage (you should never use a faulty tool). Tools should also be cleaned and wiped after use to keep them in the best condition and to prolong the life of them. This usually involves simply wiping them down with a rag to remove dirt, grease and debris before you store them. You may also need to lubricate moving parts to keep them working efficiently. 

Insure Them

It is also vital that you have insurance in place to protect your tools. Tools can cost a lot of money and are frequently targeted by thieves due to their value, so insurance is key along with storing them somewhere secure. Tool insurance will give you financial protection if your tools are ever stolen as well as give you peace of mind knowing that you won’t be seriously out of pocket if you fall victim to theft. When your tools are your livelihood, you do not want to take any risks so it is important to have this insurance in place from the start.

This post should give you a few ideas for ways to look after your tools and prolong the life of them. A good set of tools should last you for life, but you need to know how to protect and maintain them for this to happen.