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Suit Your Face: How to Choose Sunglasses

Here at F24, we like to give each other shit for the awkward moments we’ve come across while shopping. Every guy has tried to replicate an outfit or style seen on someone else, only to realize that it looks way off.

Whether it’s a hairstyle, a jacket, or a whole new wardrobe, it’s a pretty big slap in the face to buy something and realize that it looks nothing like you planned. There are many reasons why some clothes work on some people, but not on others, although most of it has to do with shape. This unfortunate phenomenon also applies to accessories, particularly sunglasses. Now you know why Tom Cruise looks bad-ass in aviators, yet when you wear them, you look like a kid playing dress up. The shape of your face directly effects how sunglasses look on you, so it is important to pick a style that suits you.

In order to help you find the best pair of sunglasses, this guide covers examples of face shapes and the styles that work best with them. We’ll start by explaining each of the face shapes, then listing some suggestions for styles, along with some recommendations from a few of our favorite brands.

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A rounder face shape is usually seen on younger-looking guys, often tied with little to no facial hair. Since the face height is usually around the same as the width, the goal here is to find sunglasses that make your face look longer. Wider frames with sharp angles are your best bet, as they contrast the smooth lines of your jaw. Rounded squares or anything with thicker frames are a great choice here. Warby Parker is a great choice for round framed sunglasses, and they’re surprisingly affordable. For those wanting a higher quality alternative, take a look at Activist Eyewear.

Choose Sunglasses — Factory Two Four


Triangular face shapes often have sharp jawlines, and they aren’t as wide as square shaped faces. Triangular faces are often seen on thinner men, so it can be a good idea to wear glasses with a thin frame and a brow bar on top, such as aviators. This can help to make your face look a little more broad, drawing the focus to the center of your face. If you’re looking for any sort of aviators, you can never go wrong with Maui Jim’s. However, if you’re looking for something a little cheaper, Randolph is a great alternative that is made in the USA.

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Oval faces are pretty easy to work with, as they are often symmetrical. Characterized by high cheekbones and a height greater than the width, almost anything except aviators work here; Wayfarers, Clubmasters, and Persols are all great suggestions, but its worth trying out a few different options to find what suits your style best. Thick frames are often a good call, but it is definitely a good idea to experiment a little if you are lucky enough to have an oval face. Ray-Ban’s are the first brand that comes to mind for any sort of Wayfarer or Clubmaster, but here at F24, we like to do things a little differently. RETROSUPERFUTURE offers some unorthodox variations of classic styles, for only a little more than a standard pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

If you want to stick to Ray-Bans, shopping vintage can be a great way to go. And don’t worry about scratched lenses – it’s easy enough to replace those and make your vintage find as good as new.

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The main characteristic of a square shaped face is the rigid jawline. With dimensions similar to that of a round face, the main difference is the sharper angles along the cheekbones and jaw. In order to soften the edges a little, it is best to avoid thick or square framed sunglasses. Instead, opt for thin frames with a rounder shaped silhouette. Teardrop aviators, Persols, or even rounded squares if you’re feeling up to it. Salt Optics offers a wide variety of sunglasses, many of which fall into this category. Personally, we’re huge fans of their Harrison model, but they’ve got a ton of other options if you’re looking to experiment.

We know how hard it can be to choose a pair of sunglasses, so we’re hoping that this post helps you make a decision. This guide is meant to provide some suggestions and helpful information, but in the end the choice is yours. Confidence is the greatest asset to any wardrobe, so if you have a pair of shades that works for you, by all means ignore this guide and continue to do you.