Spark Plug

How To Know The Right Spark Plug Socket Size

A spark plug replacement is a quite straightforward process that you can do yourself. However, damaged or incorrect-sized spark plugs can usually cause a lot of problems with your engine that can escalate. Therefore, you need to use the right types and sizes of plug sockets just like knowing if the engine uses a coil-on-plug, single ignition coil, or coil pack. 

It’s a good idea to be cautious when it comes to car repairs. This is because incorrect handling of these spark plug sockets can lead to misfires and engine failure. Therefore, if you have limited knowledge about your mechanical skills, then find a mechanic to handle it for you. This article discusses how you can find the right spark plug socket size.

Understanding A Spark Plug Socket

A spark plug socket is pretty similar to a standard socket, but it can sometimes come with a swivel extension bar designed to reach the plug holes without damaging other wires. You can find spark plug sockets in various sizes and you can attach them to a torque wrench so that you can have better torque. And, a spark plug socket can do various delicate repairs without damaging the equipment that you are working on. Some sockets have a rubber grommet or a magnet inside them. 

A spark plug socket has a similar function to a standard deep socket, which is to loosen or tighten a piece of equipment. A plug socket needs to attach to any turning device with a square drive socket. In some cases, they can have a bi-hex or hex head. Therefore, you simply need to fit the tip of a spark plug socket inside the socket heat and twist to tighten or loosen the plugs. Remember that a plug socket can work differently, but this depends on the type of a plug socket you are utilizing, meaning it can have a rubber or magnetic insert. 

Finding The Right Spark Plug Socket Size

No doubt, a spark plug socket is the best tool you can use to work on plugs. This tool is specifically designed to work on an old plug or a new plug without damaging any plug threads or wires. You can decide to purchase socket sets that have common plug socket sizes and other interchangeable sizes. This means you can have the right size available. 

If not, you can decide to buy individual plug sockets that are available in various sizes to match the specific spark plug. One of the most common sizes of spark plug sockets sizes is the 5/8 inch size socket. Besides, you can also find another common 13/16-inch socket size. 

The typical application for a 5/8 socket size is in small engine cars or newer cars. On the other hand, you can use a 13/16 socket size in older car engines. If you want to purchase a spark plug socket, make sure that you deal with reputable suppliers so that you can get genuine ones.