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Expert Tips and Tricks for Proper Lawn Care

Isn’t it everyone’s dream to have a lush and green backyard? It’s hard to keep this dream alive especially if you’re living in an area where the weather can get too rowdy and unpredictable. Don’t feel hopeless though as there are many means by which you can keep a green and healthy lawn. You don’t even need a green thumb to achieve proper lawn care!

Take Out Weeds, Thatch, And Moss

To keep your lawn healthy, it needs to get as many nutrients as possible. That is usually easy considering your lawn is exposed to the sun and rain. However, there are lawn intruders that can get in the way of those nutrients, thus causing your lawn to dry out and eventually turn brown very quickly. The three intruders you need to keep an eye out for are weeds, thatch, and moss.

Weeds are easily distinguishable as they are longer than the grass. The best way to remove them is by simply pulling them out. On the other hand, moss is one of the worst of your problems as these can actually grow quickly over time. Moss grows in areas with extreme moisture and shade.

Thatch is the easiest of these problems. As per experts from  Essential Home and Garden, these are piles of dead leaves and flowers that cover your lawn. Simply pick them up and remove them. They can absorb the nutrients intended for your plants so it’s a must that your lawn is thatch-free.


This is going to sound absurd but you need to pick holes in your yard. This process is called aeration and it simply allows water and nutrients to flow more properly into your lawn. You can use a core aerator to make the process simpler and faster. However, you can also do it manually.

When aerating your lawn, make sure to not let the holes be too deep as these can actually ruin your lawn. The holes should not be more than an inch deeper and they should be spread apart on your lawn as well. When done properly, this should help your lawn become more healthy. Eventually, the holes will naturally fill up.

Water Often

When it’s not the rainy season, you need to be handy when it comes to watering your lawn. According to Wiki How’s guide to caring for your lawn, you shouldn’t wait until the grass turns brown before you begin watering your lawn. Check for signs of wilting and dried leaves.

When watering your lawn, make sure you water evenly. Also, avoid over-watering your lawn as these could drown the grass. The key is to ensure that there are no puddles in your lawn as this is a sign that the grass can no longer take the water you are pouring into it. To make the job easier, use a hose with the appropriate nose head to ensure that the water spreads evenly.

Alternatively, you can build a sprinkler system designed for your lawn. If you have a small lawn, spray sprinklers work well, but larger lawns require rotor sprinklers such as the Rain Bird 5000 Plus to hydrate the entire area evenly, with minimal airborne evaporation. A sprinkler controller will also make a great addition to automate the watering process and make sure the lawn is always irrigated on schedule even when you’re not home.


Over-seeding is basically the process where you shower your lawn with seed mixed with fertilizer. Ideally, you’d want to seed the parts where there are dead patches of grass. This allows grass to grow over the patches over time, thus giving your lawn a fresh new coat of green.

The fertilizer is there to add extra nutrients to the grass. The fertilizer will not just help the seeds grow, it will also help the surrounding grass grow more healthily as well. Use natural fertilizer as it’s always better to use these over one’s made with chemicals.

Mow Regularly

Mowing the lawn is a taxing job at times but it’s essential if you want to keep it healthy. If the grass grows too high, it will be harder for the lawn to absorb nutrients because the grass from above creates a small shade. Make it a must to mow the lawn regularly as part of your lawn care regimine.

Lawnmowers are fitted to ensure that your grass is just the right length. When mowing, make sure to avoid going through wet grass and soil. This could ruin the soil’s quality and it could eventually break your lawn as well. Invest in a good automatic lawn more if you have the budget for it.

A green and healthy lean is easily achievable so long as you follow our tips above. Perhaps the last tip we can give you is that you need to be patient. There will be times when your lawn won’t be at its best and it’s important you know that that is only temporary. With enough TLC, it will be back to its lush green self once again.