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How to Inject Your Personality into Your New Car

A lot of modern cars look the same. There are a few popular brands and models which dominate the roads, and even different kinds can look fairly similar as designers follow the same trends. Buying a new car is an exciting thing, but it can be hard to feel any connection to a vehicle that looks the same as plenty of others on the road. It’s even more challenging if your new car is second-hand, and you know it has been driven by at least one other person. 

Why It’s Important to Add Personality to Your New Car

A car is a large purchase. It’s expensive, but it’s also somewhere that you spend a lot of time. Adding personality to your car helps you to love it, which means that you are more likely to take care of it. It can also help you to feel more comfortable on the road, reducing any anxiety that you might have about driving a new car. 

Before You Buy

Before you buy a new car, you should already be thinking about making it your own. Things like color aren’t important to everyone, but it could be a big factor if you want a car that you really love. Ideally, when it comes to injecting your personality later on, you want to be able to just add some accessories, instead of needing to make bigger changes. This means that it’s important that you take the time to find a car that you love before you make a purchase. 

Just remember, while looks are important, reliability, safety, efficiency, and price should be your main considerations. 

Add a Personalized Number Plate

Personalized DVLA number plates are an effective and easy way to add some personality to your car, and to make it stand out from the crowd. Whether you choose a variation of your name or something else that means something to you, a personalized registration helps your car to feel unique and special to you, instead of just being one of many. 

Give it a Name

Some people name every car that they ever own. They take their time to think of a name that means something and suits the car and use it whenever they refer to their vehicle. It’s not for everyone but giving your car a name can help it to feel more personal and give you a way to build a connection with it. People who name their cars often care about them more than those who don’t. 

Add Some Accessories

Simple accessories like seatbelt and seat covers, mats and cup holders can add some personality and functionality to your car. Car accessories are widely available in a range of styles and colors, giving you the chance to create an interior that complements your personality and helps you to feel at home. 

Get an Air Freshener

Adding personality to your car isn’t just about what it looks like. Your other senses play a big part too, especially your sense of smell. Think about your favorite smells and try to find a car air freshener that you’d happily have in your home. Look for something that you like, but that isn’t overpowering, as this could make you feel sick out on the road. 

Invest in Car Snacks

Taste is another sense that should never be neglected. Keeping a drink and some long-life energy-boosting snacks in your car is great for emergencies but things like sweets, mints, and gum that you can enjoy on the road are also great. Make sure you’ve always got something to nibble within reach. 

Program Your New Car Radio

Whether you listen to the radio or use Spotify in your car, the last thing that you want during a long journey is to be stuck listening to music that you hate. Program the radio to your favourite channels or spend some time building driving playlists to make driving a much more enjoyable experience. 

Stock Up on Supplies

What you keep in your car is another way to personalize it. Think about how you use your car and the things that you need to keep you both safe and comfortable. This could include things like maps, blankets, a torch, waterproof clothes, and spare shoes. Even simple things like having a book in the glove compartment in case you are ever sitting waiting in your car can help to make it feel comfortable. 

What Not to Do

Personalizing your car is a great idea, but there are a few things that you shouldn’t do. Try to avoid large changes, like paint jobs, which if done poorly can decrease the value of your car. Don’t remove any safety features and avoid things like bodywork decals which can cause damage. 

When you buy the right car, you’ll typically just need to add a few accessories and some snacks to help you to feel comfortable and happy on the road.