Fishing Lures person holding black and brown fish

Fishing Lures: How to Actually Catch Fish

There are a few essentials to know when you’re going fishing. You need to learn about all of them, from the mechanism that keeps the line on the stick to the floats and lures inside the water. These small items all have a valuable part in the experience, and knowing all details about them is crucial. In this article, we’re talking more about fishing lures. The lures go inside the water and are the key part that makes the fish get on the hook before being taken out of the water. Although simply made, lures can be the reason why you haven’t caught anything, or you’re going back home with a bag full of fish. Keep up, and learn more about fishing lures.

1. Thousands of lures are available on the market

Millions of new lures appear on the market every year. With so many enthusiasts that love fishing, the manufacturers must keep up with the rising demand. Although made to withhold all kinds of impact, lures often break and become useless after interacting with fish.

Most fish that lures are made for will have sharp teeth, and they will easily twist and break under the force of these fantastic creatures. That’s why the market is filled with options. All fishermen will regularly update their equipment stack with new ones before going fishing in the great outdoors.

2. All lures have a different purpose

With different fish in the waters, there are different lures too. Not just any will do the job. You need to know what you’re fishing for and get the adequate lure. There are several different ones – flies, spoons, jigs, plugs, spinnerbaits, and soft plastics.

All of them have different uses and are made for catching different types of fish. Fishing in the ocean and fishing in rivers is not the same, which means you need to know where you’re going, what kind of fish you’re going for, and then learn what type of lure you will need for the occasion.

3. Ordering online is the best way to get what you need

Although fishing shops are a great place to look for lures, and the person working there will surely advise you about the different options they have in stock, it’s still best to shop for fishing lures online. The reason for this is simple.

When you’re on the internet, you can spend some time researching, reading reviews, seeing better options than those offered, making a decision based on facts, and not just one expert opinion. Aside from this, in times of a great world pandemic, it’s much better to stay home and order online than mix with potentially infected people.

The sport of fishing is one of those that is perfect for pandemics like this one. It happens entirely in the open, there’s no contact with other people, and the distance of two meters between fishers is mandatory.

4. Lures won’t get the job on their own – you need skills too

Lures are crucial to catch some of the fish you’re after, but be sure that they won’t get the job done independently. Some fish that will get hooked using lures is enormous, and unless you’re physically prepared to control the stick and take them out of the water, they will sooner or later break free and escape.

This is a skill that you won’t learn in school. You must spend some time battling with smaller fish to become experienced and get on to bigger ones. However, you may have decades of experience and be physically prepared like a pro athlete; without the right lure, you won’t get anything, so both are essential for great results.

5. Mind the danger and keep safe

A lot of people are not aware of how dangerous lures are. They are connected to hooks that you need to tie to the line. That means you must directly interact with the hook, which is highly dangerous if it gets under your skin.

Taking it out is complex and painful, so you need to be careful. If you don’t want to turn your fishing trip into a visit to the hospital, it would be best if you pay close attention when handling the lures, the hooks, and everything else coming with them.


These are essential issues you must know when lures are in question. The points from above will hopefully help you find the ones you need and explain what is required to know about using them. Pick the right fishing lures, and always have a variety of different ones in your stash.