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How to Devote More Time to the Things You Love

Hobbies, sports, self-care, unwinding activities, whatever it is, these are things that people (of nearly any age) just love to do.  Honestly, one of the best things about living life is the fact that you can enjoy this, indulging in things you love to do. But as you get older, you quickly begin to have less time for yourself, that beloved “me time.” Everyone, no matter who you are, deserves to have this “me time.” 

But sometimes, things just seem to get in the way, like work, social obligations, family commitments, taking care of your loved ones, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, and the list goes on and on.  Whether it’s horseback riding, video games, writing, or beyond, you deserve to have some time for these activities. So, here’s how you can devote more time to doing the things you love. 

What’s Getting in the Way?

You’ll need to confront yourself with this. Is there anything actually getting in the way of you achieving what you’re wanting to achieve?  Is it work? Is it relationships? Are you constantly binging on shows? Are you doom-scrolling? Sometimes, it’s not one specific thing but it’s multiple things that get in the way. So it’s best to try to reflect on this if you can and really think hard about this. Once you know what’s getting in the way, things can become much easier. 

Try and Set Some Boundaries

Is it people that are getting in the way? Maybe you want to spend your free time looking at Onewheel Reviews, but too many people are getting in the way of your free time. Whatever it is, it’s so important to set boundaries and stick with them. To set time boundaries, you must identify responsibilities and personal commitments, then create schedules for them. 

For instance, if someone asks you to meet them at a moment when you’re preparing to do something else, try using the “buying time” script — explaining that you’re currently preoccupied but will respond later. The goal is to establish and communicate your limits so that everyone is aware of them. This will allow you to make decisions based on your values rather than on the demands of others.

You’ll Need to Make it a Priority

You make time for work, sleep, social/ relations, and eating, so why not for the things you love? You’ll need to make it a priority, set boundaries, and even put it into your schedule; you’re going to want to stick to it and prove that you’re not going to budge. You deserve to enjoy this, and you deserve to have some fun. 

Create a Strict Routine

In order to really make something a priority, it’s best to just add it to your routine. It’s going to eventually become a part of normal life if this is done anyways. So, why not consider this? If you exercise regularly, then you know that you had to add it to your schedule, or else it probably wouldn’t have been done, right? Well, it’s essentially the same concept when it comes to this. So add it to your routine and just be strict with it.