Horses horse riding
Photo by Lola Delabays on Unsplash

How to get into Horse Riding

Horse riding is a really enjoyable way to exercise and strengthen your muscles.  The sport will also make you develop core strength and will improve your coordination skills. Further, it’s a great way to enhance your problem-solving skills seeing as you will sometimes have to figure out ways to overcome sudden obstacles if your horse is unprepared or unwilling to follow your orders. The key to a good horse riding session is having a  good level of trust and connection with the horse, which will teach you the importance of trust in any relationship. Moreover, if you like competition, horse riding offers several competitive opportunities. If you want to get into horseback riding, read on to learn more. 

Horse Riding School

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you join a horse riding school rather than attempt to learn on your own. This is because, to ride a horse correctly and to avoid falling off or getting injured, there are many things to keep in mind. First off, you should work on your posture and position. Although you may watch videos or read instructions, getting the hang of the right position can take you a while. You also need someone to observe the smallest mistakes and give you tips on how to improve. 

When a horse changes its movement, for instance going from walk to trot or from trot to canter, your movement should change, too. A horse riding school will offer a course that will teach you how to transition to each movement, as well as other sitting positions like half seat or two-point, and jumping barriers as you move up levels. As a beginner, you most likely won’t be able to take control of your horse. A riding school will teach you how to get your horse to listen to you and how to give it orders to transition its movements. 

At first, you will also need to be very familiar with the environment in which you ride. If you ride in nature, there is always a possibility that you may encounter any sudden or unexpected obstacle. In that case, you will not know how to act, and will not be able to predict your horse’s actions. You and your horse may end up getting severely injured.

In a riding school, the variables of the riding land will be controlled. With experience, and with your teacher’s aid, you will learn how to act when something like this happens. You will also develop a second nature toward your horse and will be able to determine their following movement or behavior. Besides, it is much cheaper to join a riding school. You will not need to have your own horse if you are just beginning to learn. Plus, they will also provide saddles, reins, stirrups, and other costly tack essentials. 


Purchasing a horse riding helmet is essential when it comes to riding a horse. This is to help soften the blow and avoid major head injuries in case you fall. Reviews suggest that Charles-owen helmets come in a variety of designs and materials, and are tailored to maximize protection. Riding boots are also important because they help keep your feet in the right position in the stirrups. They are also important for safety because regular shoes can easily get caught up in the stirrups, leading to major accidents. Investing in a pair of riding pants is not necessary at first, but is recommended. This is because they provide better grip and are designed to withstand friction, unlike regular pants that will fray after a few rides. 


Horse riding is all about the trust between a horse and a rider; the horse needs to trust your judgment, and believe that you will protect them from harm so that they allow you to control their movements without being afraid. You need to trust the horse and have the confidence that they will make their best efforts. When there is mutual trust, the ride will have a better flow; you will understand the horse’s movements and therefore move accordingly, and the horse will listen to you and follow your orders. Rider and horse connection and communication are the foundation of horse riding. 


Observing the way other people ride their horses can help you a lot. You can watch videos of other professional riders on their horses and closely observe their movements and positions. This will help you point out the things that you need to work on. Being on the horse and observing the flow of the horse and the rider from a different point of view is totally different. Paying close attention to both will help you become a good horse rider.

Horse riding is a really fun sport. It allows your body and mind to engage in a workout that will raise your serotonin levels and keep your mood elevated. To get into horse riding, read our article to understand what you need to do. Make sure you build a connection with the horse you’re riding for the best experience.