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Guys, Here Are 5 Rules For Dressing For Work

There are so many fashion rules these days that it’s important to know how to look good no matter where you are. When you’re at work, there are different rules compared to when you are at home or out with friends, and you need to know how to dress so that you can impress in the boardroom. Not only that, but being at work, you’re going to need to ensure that you ooze professionalism and power – after all, you need to be seen to be promoted and do better!

With this in mind, we’ve got some rules that you need for dressing for work so that you can boss the boardroom and feel confident while you do it. Let’s take a look at the five golden rules that you need to dress well for work.

Elegant young bearded businessman in suit and tie in downtown

Rule 1: Compliment Clothing, Don’t Match

You may need to leave the 14k gold rope chain for your casual wardrobe, but your work wardrobe can still use a little bling! Compliment the suit with a designer watch, and pay attention to the color wheel when you’re choosing outfit accessories for men. Wallets and watches, tie clips and braces – they can look good without being all matchy-match! Matching looks too obvious and forced, and you don’t need to for your workwear to look good!

Rule 2: Match Your Leathers

As opposed to rule one, there is one thing that you can – and should – always match. Wearing leather shoes and a leather belt are a staple for your workwear. These are the things that, where possible, you should match. Leather is beautiful, but if you’re wearing a brown leather belt, don’t wear black leather shoes. You can even go as far as matching your watch strap to the other leathers on your body.

Rule 3: Pay Attention To Metals

Matching the metal of your watch to your belt buckle and shoe buckles will make your outfit pop. These things are often not thought of, but you should be thinking of them. Silver metals match silver metals, gold with gold, and when you make the effort to match these metals, you are going to command order and respect. Try it and see!

Rule 4: Don’t Mix Casual & Formal

Converse shoes have a place, but not with your workwear. You need to think about what you’re wearing and what you want to achieve with your outfit. Work is a formal place to be for the most part, so if you’re supposed to wear formal attire, go formal with it. Don’t match the formal outfits with casual ones, or you’re going to find that people give you a second look for the wrong reasons. Casual clothing should remain with casual clothing.

Rule 5: Have A Muse

Look at the models in magazines and the famous people on the runway – even for men, there is a muse among them. Sportsmen have to be fashionable when they are making personal appearances, and you can see how they command a different sort of power through what they are wearing.