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Creative Ways to Tell Everyone About Your Travel Memories

Creating and preserving travel memories is such a great thing for everyone. Well created and preserved memories will bring a lot of smiles, laughter, and good feelings when revisited. This is especially true when telling people about them, from those closest to you to complete strangers. 

In that sense, however, telling our friends and relatives about our travel experiences only via the word of mouth can feel somewhat superficial. Human beings tend to be more enticed by visual stuff. They want to see and feel those memories.

Nowadays, the act of just printing photos only during your trip is becoming so ordinary. You would want to be much more creative. While photos are incredibly important in preserving your travel memories, the best way to use them to tell your story is to become creative in how and where you share them.

So, are you wondering, what are some creative ways to tell everyone about your travel memories? Then you have come to the right place. The following article has got your back, and by the end of reading it, you will be super-creative in telling about your travel memories.

1. Create a Travel Photo Book

Creating a travel photo book is among the best creative ways to share your travel moments with everyone. It allows you to preserve your travel professional photographs highlighting the special moments and experiences during your trip. What better way to inspire travel enthusiasts than through stunning photos of special moments you probably get to experience once in a lifetime?

A well-organized travel photo book can create such a fantastic story of your travel memories. These days, however, photos tend to speak louder when accompanied by some descriptive text, and this brings us to the next important point.

2. Tell It through a Book

If you want to tell your story about your travel life and ensure it reaches everyone, one of the best ways to do so is to write a book. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to write it yourself. As award-winning writer Gabriella Kelly-Davies suggests, you could also share your travel memoirs with the world through interviews that will be published in a book. This will ensure that your life story lives to be told through generations to come. Don’t forget to capture those breathtaking mountain views and sceneries from different destinations because these will help you remember your experiences so you can share your story.

3. Make Travel Videos

In this day and age, your travel memories can easily sound or feel boring if you don’t capture videos. For example, a video of you skydiving will be more thrilling as compared to a photograph of the same. So investing in a good quality video camera will get you sorted here. Alternatively, your smartphone can also serve this purpose provided that it can shoot quality videos. Lucky enough, most smartphones do.

 Whenever you travel, ensure you record video clips capturing your adventures and you will later be enjoying showing them to your family members and friends at the comfort of your home. You may also consider making a short movie by joining all those short clips.

4. Keep a Personal Travel Journal

Using a pen and paper to document your travel experiences could be old-school but a creative way to tell about your travel memories. Through a personal travel journal, you can capture all the travel memories from day one to the last day. In that sense, your travel memories always live in you. Even if you write only two sentences daily capturing those special moments, you will always put on a smile when you revisit them. Also, to make your travel journal more appealing, you may stick stickers from the places you visit.

5. Blog Your Travel Moments 

Blogging is another awesome way to tell everyone about your travel memories. We are living in the internet era, and with a click of a button, you can reach thousands of people, if not hundreds of thousands of them. You even don’t have to make it that official. Just have a fun online journal whereby you can be writing posts, uploading photos of your travel experiences with others. Remember to keep everything simple and authentic, and kindly do not share misleading information.

6. Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking allows a lot of creative freedom when preserving your travel memories. There are no general rules to follow on what to put into your scrapbook. Essentially, a scrapbook is simply a collection of items during your trip to preserve memories. Therefore go ahead, insert photos, Polaroids, doodles, sketches, travel tickets, restaurant receipts, maps, and anything else that summed up your whole trip experience. Besides, remember to intersperse these items with their respective journaling for a more vivid understanding.

7. Buy Postcards 

Buying postcards from places you visit is also a fantastic and creative idea of telling everyone about your travel memories. They contain beautiful images and writings regarding particular destinations. Additionally, another cool thing about postcards is that you can even write on them about your most cherished moments whether good or bad. Explaining your travel memories to others using a postcard is more understandable, visual, and relatable.

8. Document Your Travels on Social Media

Documenting your travel experiences on social media whether Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., is also another way to conveniently tell everyone about your travel memories. Additionally, it is free and easy to follow through. Also, these social media platforms allow you to manage your online gallery and content intuitively. You can easily choose the specific people you want to share your travel experiences with. Therefore, go ahead and chronicle your travel memories and you never know, you could inspire someone else to do the same.

9. Get a Travel Memories Map

Travel memory maps look great when filled in and framed. They can be scratch-off maps or you come with pushpins. You can use your travel memory map to tell people about your travel memories as they indicate all the destinations you have visited. Also, you may inspire a lot of people just by showing them or explaining to them your travel memory maps. These geographical elements are cheap to acquire and with the necessary skill, you can even make yours.

10. Collect Foreign Currency

Whenever you travel to a different country, seek to keep a few coins and bills leftover and bring them with you back. It is also a creative way to share your travel memories with family and friends. For those of us who are crafty, consider putting some of these bills and coins into your scrapbook.

Now you have creative ways to tell everyone about your travel memories. So follow them through and select the ones that wow you. Who knows? By sharing your travel memories you may inspire others to have the same spectacular experiences.