Bitdefender BOX

Always Wear Protection with the Bitdefender

The internet is a scary and dark place. In its recesses lurk all manner of thieves, scammers, phishers, and BORED WIVES LOOKING TO CONNECT!!! The web has come a long way since it’s nascent days of Angelfire sites and AOL dialup connections – it has gotten a lot more risky. The sophistication of attacks hasn’t really been matched by the hardware we use, especially as our smart fridges and door locks are beginning to fall prey to viruses and malwear. The thing is, there is a natural choke point between the Big Bad Web and your files and personal info – your wifi connection. All the data you transact must flow through this one path, and a company called Bitdefender has just released a handy little device to protect that flow.

The Bitdefender BOX is a sleek square that, date-wise, sits between your router and your computer. It monitors network events and data flow on your network, and reports everything to you through a simple app on your smartphone. Think of it as an antivirus for your whole home protecting your laptop, gaming station, phone, TV, and even printer. This is a great idea that is long overdue as more and more of our home becomes connected to the web. We are already getting reports of cars getting hacked, how long until Amazon’s Alexa or web-enable baby monitors are hacked? You learned long ago to always wear protection, and your home should too.

I’ve been trailing the Bitdefender BOX for a week now, and found set-up and ongoing monitoring to be very simple. If an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, this is a very easy ounce to swallow. My home office and smart devices are now protected, and looking up my data traffic is as easy as a couple taps on the app. I’d love to say we set it up and forgot about it, but it’s been too interesting to log in and see what is going on with my home network. I’m sure that will fade as time goes on and I’ll let the BOX quietly do it’s thing, but for now WHEEEEE!

We’ve talked Bitdefender into giving us a BOX to giveaway , so hit up our Facebook page to enter to win and start surfing with protection.


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Bitdefender. The opinions and text are all mine.