Sleep tests sluggish night's sleep Man Sleeping on the Street in Rio's Favelas
Man Sleeping on the Street in Rio's Favelas

Feeling Sluggish? Here’s How To Feel More Energized Daily

Feeling sluggish and having low energy levels all the time can be frustrating and take a toll on your motivation and mental health. It’s important that you not only recognize when you’re feeling more drained but that you focus on making some changes to your daily routine.

When you commit to boosting your energy naturally you’ll soon experience positive results and begin to enjoy life again. Feeling sluggish? Here’s how to feel more energized daily and ensure that you achieve more and can put a smile back on your face.

Set & Establish Goals

One way to feel less sluggish and more energized is to set and establish goals you can work toward. You’ll feel more motivated to get out of bed instead of wanting to pull the covers back over your head. Get excited about each new day and the days ahead by knowing what you want out of life and making a plan for how you can turn your dreams into reality. If you lack goals and aspirations then you risk getting stuck in a dissatisfying routine and having a negative attitude toward the future.

Exercise & Challenge Your Body

If you’re feeling sluggish then it may be that you’re lying around too much or sitting a lot daily. A sedentary lifestyle can drain your energy and make you feel unhappy. Instead, choose to exercise and challenge your body regularly. It can be anything from running outside or joining a gym to playing group sports such as volleyball. Make sure you’re ready to participate by investing in all the right gear in advance. Take the time to learn how to choose volleyball shoes so you can join a local team and get moving more and have some fun.

Spend Time Outside

Feeling sluggish? Then feel more energized by spending time outside in nature. Get some fresh air and sunshine as much as possible, which will make you feel happy and relaxed. You’ll soon forget about your worries and will be taking pleasure in the beautiful sights the great outdoors has to offer. This is especially important during the cold, winter months when you may be in the house more often.

Get Better Sleep

Not enough or poor sleep can zap your energy levels and make you feel moody. Instead, focus on getting better sleep each night to help you feel more energized and alive. Engage in a relaxing bedtime routine, configure your bedroom for optimal sleep, and stay active during the day so you’re tired at night. Take breaks from technology and avoid stimulating your mind right before bedtime with your electronics so you sleep better.

Drink More Water

Being dehydrated can also make you feel sluggish and tired. Feel more energized and improve your health by drinking more water daily and limiting your intake of sugary drinks and alcohol. If you don’t like the taste of plain water then consider adding fruits or vegetables to your glass or making a cup of tea. The main reason you might feel more sluggish than usual is that you aren’t staying hydrated and giving your body enough of the water it needs to function optimally.