Eco-friendly Ways to Get Around and Save Money

Driving everywhere is really the only option available to get from A to B for some. It’s tricky to do anything else when your town isn’t walkable. And if you don’t have the buses or trains, you’re stuck with driving. But it is possible to spend less time behind the wheel if you’re really determined. You benefit in some awesome ways if you can make it happen. Reducing the amount that you drive could save you huge amounts of money. You’ll spend less on fuel, car maintenance and more. All these expenses rack up when you own a car. It’s also super eco-friendly to get off the road. And driving less will help you keep fit. Here are some of your options if you want to get around in a more sustainable way.

Start Walking More

Not every location is walkable. Some cities are terrible for anyone who wants to walk. A lack of sidewalks or not enough of them make walking a pain and even dangerous sometimes. But there are also plenty of walkable places. Even when your town isn’t walkable, you can take certain routes if you prefer to walk over other methods of transport. Walking is great for your health, especially if you’re someone who experiences back problems. Choosing to walk shorter journeys instead of driving is an excellent way to stay active. A 30 minute walk could get you where you need to be.


Get a Bicycle

Walking isn’t always practical, especially for longer distances or if there aren’t any clear walking paths. But another excellent option could be to cycle, which you can do on roads or cycle paths and trails, if they’re available. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts on a bike. Sure, expensive models are available, including electric bikes. But if you’re on a budget, you don’t have to splash any cash. The best thing you can invest is your time, not your money. Use it to learn how to cycle safely and politely. Staying safe on your bike is key to getting around and being a confident rider.

Get Your Skate On

Another eco-friendly option you have is skating. This could include roller skating, rollerblades, or using a skateboard. You can even look at electric skateboards like the Onewheel GT. It will get you around just about any terrain you feel like tackling. Skating is perfect if you want to be eco-friendly and keep fit at the same time. It’ll improve your balance, and there’s an amazingly welcoming community surrounding it too. There’s also a range of different products for different price points.


Share with Others

A lucky few have a public transport system to help them get around. But even if you don’t have one, sharing transport with others is still possible. You don’t need buses or trains to save money or be a green travel champion. Carpooling or ride-sharing could be the winner for you. Both reduce the amount that you’re driving on your own. By sharing a vehicle with someone else, you’re taking one more car off the road.

Traveling can be eco-friendly if you do it right. You can use various ways of getting around to reach any destination.