Cadence Jeans

These Pants Are Made for Riding

Cadence is a cycling lifestyle company out of the Bay Area that has been supplying cyclist of all stripes (well, except unicyclists because screw those guys) with gear, technical equipment, and swag since 2003. We recently slipped our lady-like figures into a pair of their raw denim pants, and gave them a spin around the city on both a bicycle and motorbike to see what’s what. Are they worth upgrading from your standard Levis?

What really chafes my ass – both figuratively and literally – about riding is that it destroys the crotch of standard pants. The pressure of your whole body, and the endless motion, concentrated on 4 square inches of denim is a recipe for a blow out. Cadence jeans are built to solve this vexing problem by reinforcing the crotch without making the pant uncomfortable or ill-fitting. They’ve also doubled up the fabric on the rear pockets for extra protection and padding. This does make time in the saddle much more bearable, but you have to live with a less flattering hang on your posterior muscles. Built for riding, surely, but less so for highlighting that fantastic ass you’ve got.

Irrespective of their butt-shaping abilities, the fit and taper of these pants is excellent. They feature a long leg with slim calfs and thighs. The raw 12oz denim includes 2% Lycra, for a slight stretch and sheen on the fabric. All of Caden’s jeans, like many raw denim pants, feature a 32″ inseam. This generally isn’t a problem and is standard practice for raw denim, but just be aware of that if you happen to have freakishly long or short legs. Not that we’re judging…

All in, Cadence raw denim is a very solid pant worth more than a passing look if you’re a serious two-wheeled devotee. Their construction is top notch, and specially built to keep you comfortable for miles. Their look is classic enough to pass for a “normal” jean, and their fit is modern without being restrictive or pure fashion. I’m really digging my pair and am looking forward to having them wear around my patterns and life. They have officially dethroned my standard Levi’s as my go-to whenever I’m headed for a ride. ‘Nuff said.