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Dbs Checks for Taxi Drivers: Why Is It Important?

A DBS check, standing for disclosure and barring service, is a type of background check that employers will use to help determine if an individual is a good candidate for their job. This applies to many industries for several reasons, some more important than others depending on the occupation. Here is why DBS checks are important for taxi drivers.

Safety Of Passengers

As a taxi driver, you are working with all sorts of people that are part of the general public. A big reason for DBS checks are implemented in order to prioritize the health and safety of your passengers. During your day as a taxi driver, you will encounter all sorts of people. Some of these individuals may belong to a more vulnerable group so it is key to keep them safe, whether they are elderly or children. Additionally, some people with special needs may need your transportation services from time to time, and this provides them an extra layer of safety and security to be confident in. A DBS check certifies to your employer and your passengers that they can trust you to uphold their need for safety while in your vehicle.

Protection For Employers

Just as the DBS checks serve to protect the general public, they also protect taxi driver employers with laws and regulations in place. As the government implements these practices, abiding by these standards ensures employers are safe from audits. Additionally, it lowers the risk of incidents happening with their drivers that would reflect poorly on the companies themselves. As an employee, you are a reflection of the company that you work for. In order to keep their image in good standing, any business and company will want their employees to be ones they can trust and represent them well. Administering such checks help protect everyone involved.

Protection For Coworkers

Companies will do DBS checks not only to protect their customers and themselves as a business, but also their employees as a whole. Ensuring that your potential hires are clear with a check, you reduce risks of incidents where things like theft can occur, or your employees health and safety. Ensuring that you check people are safe to be hired at your job means others working in close proximity don’t have to worry about you as well.

Showcase Driver History

A DBS check can prove to be a useful tool in keeping a track record of a person’s driving history. Not necessarily tracking if they are good or bad drivers, but these checks may show any driving offenses, which would be crucial for a job that entails being behind the wheel for the majority of the time. If you have any driving offenses such as drinking and driving, uninsured driving, or reckless driving can all show up on your checks. It is important to note, according to information on https://www.enhancedcheck.co.uk, that the type of check your employer asks you for will also matter if such history shows up. If you are asked for a basic DBS check, such records may not appear, especially if a significant amount of time has passed. However, advanced checks will show already spent offences and show more detail about them. If you have any speeding tickets however, these will not appear on your  DBS if that is something you are concerned about. Most employers will ask you to state such situations though, especially if you are driving and operating a motor vehicle.

Screening For Reliability

In addition to having DBS checks for the safety of your passengers, and for protecting different parties in the taxiing industry, screening serves an added purpose of aiding in the hiring process. Having your potential drivers submit checks of a criminal record can be useful in identifying character traits from your potential hires. Willingness to cooperate in a timely manner may signify an employee that is responsible and punctual with nothing to hide. This would help in the long run as you try and hire and keep as many good drivers as you can. These may also signify other character traits that would translate well to their service and customer interactions. Of course, simply asking for a DBS check and receiving one won’t guarantee any of these positive attributes, but denial to adhere to one would definitely raise some red flags.

Safety is the biggest concern as to why DBS checks are requested and submitted. It is for the health and safety of everyone that is involved. This translates from the customers and drivers, up to the management and the company itself. Doing DBS checks are an extra layer of protection that is useful in the taxi driving industry.