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What to Expect When You Buy Bella Canvas

The company Bella Canvas is known for the motto “Be different.” It would be best to remember this motto the next time you purchase something from them, as it is more than a true story. They have a unique way of attracting customers. Inclusivity and affordability are just the tip of the iceberg. Another affordable, inclusive and comfortable brand is Gildan’s Comfort Colors. The Comfort Colors shirts speak to the millions that bought them and honestly gave meaning to their saying, “new shirt, old soul.” 

Both of these brands claim to be eco-friendly and sustainable. The brands do anything to save more water, reduce energy, and tackle the waste situation. They go to extreme lengths to recycle all excess fabrics and give the recycled materials a new life. In addition, the brands have a deep respect for humans and try to offer the lowest prices possible. So, when you rock that high-quality, affordable, sustainable, eco-friendly item, know you helped the planet. 

What Does Bella Canvas Offer?

In one word: excellence. When you first log in on the Bella Canvas site, you are greeted with a wall of color. The site allows you to shop your favorite designs by color. With one click, you select your favorite color wheel, and you get to go shopping. The “shop by color” strategy gives the website a happy vibe and encourages customers to browse through the dozens of vibrant colors. If you spend a few minutes on the company’s site, you will realize the quality offered is unique. And after you choose your favorite items, try pairing them with a few Comfort Colors shirts. The two are known among their fans to be a gorgeous couple. 

Another great thing about the company is the unisex clothing items. And to offer unisex items, you have to create a masterpiece, as attracting all genders is not an easy task. However, Bella Canvas seems to be doing fine in that department since its best-selling items are unisex. The “sponge fleece” is one of the most wanted hoodies on the market. The hoodie is made out of 100% eco-friendly materials. It features a relaxed fit that can be paired with anything. This best-selling hoodie can be the heart of any outfit.

Are Comfort Colors Shirts Sustainable? 

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Like every brand Gildan owns, Comfort Colors claims to have a deep respect for the environment. This brand has an anthem on its website that shows the negative impact of using toxic dyes and overusing water and electricity. Gildan, the “mother” company, prides itself on the complex and eco-friendly process they put their items through from the beginning to the finish line. Therefore, all Comfort Colors shirts, like every other item of clothing in their catalog, are 100% sustainable.

Comfort Colors and other Gildan brands have been recognized for their environmental practices by extremely influential organizations from around the world. Amongst these organizations expect to see The Wall Street Journal, MSCI, and the Fashion Transparency Index. In the future, Gildan hopes to reach its goal and increase the life span of all its products in the manufacturing process. 

Can You Purchase Bella Canvas as a Larger Person? 

If you are the kind of person who has had to worry about their weight since they can remember, you will be pleased to know that, unlike other brands, Bella Canvas offers a great range of sizes. And another great thing about the brand is that they provide youth and baby sizes. The unisex sizes start with the XS and end with the 5XL. The baby sizes begin at 3 to 6 months and top with 5T, fit for up to 45 pounds, equal to 20 kilograms. 

Rest assured, knowing that you will find your size when shopping from this brand. The size chart also makes it extremely easy to buy clothes for friends and family no matter what shape they are. The brand also offers unisex items guaranteed to be loved by every person. And the color palette never disappoints. One thing is for sure, no matter whom you shop for, they will be floored by your gift and will probably ask you to buy everything for them from now on.

How to Shop if You’re Not Tech Savvy?

Good news if you are the type of person who never cared for technology. Because you might find yourself shopping online one day, this fantastic company features a video tutorial right at the “gates” of their website, dedicated to you and all those in your situation. This video shows you step-by-step how and what to select and click on based on your likes. The step-by-step guide should make online shopping easy for anyone. To make things even easier, the company uses famous color codes. The color code system “decodes” colors and acts as the human eye. This process ensures you understand what color you are purchasing and eliminates all errors caused by certain computer monitors.   

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What Are the Best Comfort Colors Shirts for You?

By far, the best, most comfortable, and most stylish Comfort Colors shirts you can buy will make you feel like royalty. When you choose your style, pick the one that makes you shine but still represents you. Nothing is better than wearing something that screams your name and highlights some of your best features. It would be best if you never forget to have fun with your clothing, no matter what style, color, or cut you like to wear. 

Humans usually overlook certain aspects of their lives. In reality, you will never get to live the exact moment twice. No matter how hard you work to replicate a day or an event, the truth is that two completely different moments in time will never be 100% identical. That’s why you must never forget to be different. Don’t hesitate to mix and match. Get some of the loudest Comfort Colors shirts you can find and pair them with bold accessories.