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Can You Innovate Your Office Space?

With everything that has happened over the last year, it can feel strange to be getting everyone back in the office. After all, many employees and employers alike have been working from home for a long time. However, having everyone working together in the office can be one of the best ways to bring your business together. With that in mind, here are some office innovations that you might want to try to make things even better.

Standing desks

Back problems are the most common cause of injury in any office. Employees spend the majority of their day hunched at their desks staring at screens. It might not seem like a particularly strenuous activity but it can have genuinely dangerous, and permanent effects on their quality of life. Standing desks are a fantastic alternative because they eliminate a great deal of the strain on your employees’ spines that comes from sitting all day as it reduces the pressure on their lower back. It also helps them stay healthy and standing alone is a great way to burn calories. Employees who use standing desks have even shown an increase in their levels of productivity. If you offer your employees a sit to stand desk, then they can choose the height that’s ideal for them. That way you allow them to be sure that they are always comfortable.

Quiet spaces

The open-plan office has become something of a universal standard in modern business. And there are some very good reasons for that. It fosters communication, creates a brighter more pleasant atmosphere, and prevents the office from feeling too clinical and depressing. But while an open plan office is fantastic for those who work best in collaboration with others, some employees are much better suited to independent work. In that case, why not think about setting aside some more private areas where employees can go to get a little extra quiet so that they can focus better. Areas like that are also fantastic for smaller team meetings as well. By doing this, you turn your office into an environment that works for everyone.

Get out of the office

Now, this one might sound a bit strange. After all, I just said how the office is the hub of your business. But one of the biggest innovations you can make is to completely explode your own idea of “the office” as a static space. It’s never been easier to connect with your employees. With smartphones, instant messaging, video conferencing, and more, it’s perfectly possible for employees to work remotely and still be able to stay in touch just as much as they would if they were in the building. This means that you can offer your employees a great deal more flexibility. Which will help them to avoid feeling penned in and trapped. Many employees have already tried this to some fantastic results.

Of course, it’s also important that your office fully complies with all of the relevant safety regulations in place to make sure that you and your business are always fully protected and protect one another.