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Bedroom in Arles by van Gogh

B&B owners: keeping you and your guests safe

As a B&B owner, you’ll have a lot to think about, from ensuring rooms are pristine to having enough food in to cover breakfast, after all, you’re residents will be seeking the perfect home-from-home experience. This means that they’re expecting your holiday accommodation to be clean, safe and risk-free.

So, it’s essential that you take the steps needed to make sure that both your guests and yourself are protected. To help you prepare your property, here are some ways to keep everything safe.

Property checks and risk assessments

Last summer saw the busiest holiday season for years and 2023 is shaping up to be just as popular with UK holidaymakers. With so many people opting for a staycation, it’s likely that you’ll see plenty of bookings in the coming months – especially if your B&B is in a holiday hotspot.
Before you see an influx of guests, make the most of this time to run some large-scale checks on your B&B. Check that everything is safe to use and if there are any areas that need looking at or replacing, now is the time to do it.

For instance, are any of the windows in the rooms stuck? Perhaps there are signs of damp in one of the bathrooms? Take action and make the relevant changes.

You’ll also need to run regular checks throughout the year, whether there are plenty of guests or it’s low season. For instance, is the fire alarm working? Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Also, do you have a clear fire evacuation route in place? Make sure everyone who stays at your property knows what to do and where to assemble in the event of a fire.

Secure valuables and property

Including a safe in each room is a great way to help protect valuables that belong to your guests. It’s worth investing in a B&B safe so that you can safely store cash and other valuables.

Also, where possible try to secure furniture, fixtures and fittings in place. This can help to avoid damage and keep things in place. Of course, sometimes things do get damaged accidentally. Now is a good time to check if the insurance for your B&B covers everything that you need.

On-site first aid

The last thing you want is for a guest to be hurt while they’re staying at your property. However, sometimes incidents can happen. It’s better to be prepared in the event of a minor accident so that you can help your guests in any way you can.

Invest in a robust first aid kit with key items such as plasters, bandages, and antiseptic cream. Also, if possible, try to train in first aid. Legally, employers such as yourself must provide adequate equipment and facilities to ensure employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. As someone who oversees the comfort of guests in your establishment, it’s important that you ensure the safety of those staying on your property too.