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A Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking: Tools of the Trade

Woodworking is a wonderful activity as it enables you to be creative and make something that is both one of a kind and practical. Woodworking gives you the opportunity to make your own furniture pieces and other wooded items, develop a host of skills, and feel proud about a job well done. Lots of people who have just started woodworking are unsure about which tools are most useful at the beginning of their journey. There are various tools that woodworkers may need to use, but there are a few which are essential from the very start. 

To help all the new woodworking lovers out there, here is the beginner’s guide to the tools of the trade. 

A Power Drill and Screwdrivers

Power tools are vital pieces of equipment for all woodworkers, and there are very few projects which can’t be made easier by using them. The most important power tool for beginner and expert woodworkers alike is a quality power drill. This is a tool that is necessary for a range of jobs, from drilling holes for screws to widening dowel inserts. Being the most important tool in woodworking, there are various models available, and you can click here to get an idea of the different options. As well as your power drill, you will also need a set of quality screwdrivers with both flatheads and crossheads. Many people choose an impact driver as they are very robust and strong, and you can change the head as needed.

A Circular Saw

The second vital power tool that every beginner woodworker cannot do without is a circular saw. These are fast and strong and allow you to easily cut big wooden boards to size very quickly and accurately. It is vital that you select a circular saw which feels nice and comfortable in your hand. Look at online reviews and then go and hold some of the highest reviews in the hardware store. Circular saws are important pieces of equipment for all woodworkers, and experts recommend that you choose a cordless circular saw as they are safer and can be used anywhere. 

This means that you can do your sawing outside and stop sawdust from getting everywhere. Whilst hand saws are still useful, they are far more difficult to use and are less and accurate and more time-consuming.

A Miter Saw

Miter saws are very important in woodworking, and there are various types to choose from. In general, many people prefer compound miter saws over regular miter saws as they are far more versatile tools. The arm of a compound miter tool is flexible, so you can set it to cut at your desired angle. Regular miter saws, on the other hand, have a fixed arm, so they are only able to cut boards at 90 degrees. A compound miter saw is ideal for cutting a board to the perfect length and making accurate miter cuts on trim pieces. They come in a range of sizes with blades from 7.5 inches to 12 inches. Start out with a smaller saw and then work your way up to bigger blades for more heavy-duty cutting.

A Power Sander

Power sanders are vital for so many different woodworking projects, and most experienced woodworkers choose a random orbital sander. This type of sander is very easy to use, but it is always advisable to choose a model with a speed setting that you can control as needed because it will give you better control over the sander. Again, it is very important to choose a power sander that feels comfortable in your hand because sanding takes a long time, and you will need to do it on every job.

A Range of Clamps 

Clamps are vital for every kind of woodworking project, and every experienced woodworker knows that you can never have enough clamps. There are various clamps for different jobs, but the most useful to you as a beginner are dovetail clamps, f-style clamps, and bar clamps. F-style clamps are used in small jobs for clamping down straight edges. Bar clamps are more heavy-duty and are used in most woodworking projects. Dovetail clamps are used with your power saws to fix the boards to your bench. 

Woodworking is a great hobby, and as you progress, the options are limitless to what you will be able to build. Many beginner woodworkers are shocked at the number of tasks they can do using just a few tools. If you are just starting out on your woodworking journey, make sure you add these tools to your toolbox, and you will be well on your way to completing some awesome woodworking projects.