Stay Cool

7 Simple Ways to Stay Cool While Driving in the Summer

Driving in the summer heat can be exhausting, even if you’re lucky enough to stay cool with a convertible. Ideally, you’d invest in an energy-efficient car with the latest in cooling technology, but this might not be feasible with your budget right now. If you’d rather avoid using the A/C as much as possible, there are a few simple other ways you can stay cool. By being mindful of how you drive, where you park, and even what you wear, you can escape the blistering heat. Here are a few quick tips to get you started.

Stay hydrated

One of the best ways to cool your body down is to stay hydrated, especially during hot weather. Keep a refillable bottle of water with you in the car. If you’re going on a longer journey, you could try freezing bottled water before you leave. This way it’ll stay cooler for longer in a hot car. It’s also important to take regular breaks to eat, hydrate, and stretch your legs properly. Make sure you stop every once in a while so you don’t get caught out by summer fatigue on the road.

Wear the right gear

If you want to stay comfortable in the heat, think of driving as a sport. Wear the right gear to help keep you cool, such as long sleeve performance shirts. Look into items made from a sweat-wicking material, similar to running clothes. You could also invest in a pair of driving gloves for extra grip when your hands get sweaty.

Park in the shade

Your car will probably heat up the most while it’s parked, especially in a sunny spot. The windscreen and sunroof will help to turn the inside of your car into a greenhouse, so ideally try and park in the shade. There’s nothing worse than getting into a hot car, especially if you’ve been relaxing in a pleasant temperature elsewhere. It’s worth spending that extra time looking for a parking space in the shade. Be mindful of the direction the sun is moving in to ensure your car stays in the shade for as long as possible.

Invest in a sun shade

It’s a good idea to invest in a sun shade so that even when you can’t find a shaded parking spot you can still cover your windshield. These will reflect the sun’s rays and prevent them from heating up your car. You can get them in different sizes for all of the windows. If you run your own business, why not even use your sun shade to increase your brand exposure? You can get customisable sun shades online printed with your logo and branding. Alternatively, you could opt for personalized quirky designs with your favorite teams, cartoon characters, photos, and more.

Open the windows briefly

Leaving the windows open at all times isn’t the best way to cool down. Instead, open them briefly for a few minutes when you first set off. This will help the cool air to circulate, then you can close them again to prevent drag and reduce fuel consumption. It’s better to open windows when you’re driving slowly and use the A/C at higher speeds. One of the main reasons for this is the noise level caused by opening the car windows. Here are a few more tips on when to use the A/C.

Use your door as a fan

One way to cool your car down before you get going is to open one window or door and use the opposite door as a fan. Fan the door to encourage the air to circulate and the heat to leave your car if it’s been parked for a while in the sun. This will also mean your A/C won’t have to work as hard to cool the inside of your car down once you start driving, and you can have it on for a shorter time.

Drive at cooler times of day
If you’re planning a long trip in hot weather you might want to reconsider the time of day. Aim to do the bulking of your driving at cooler times of the day such as the early morning or in the evening. You can take a break from driving in the middle of the day and stop somewhere convenient for lunch. Don’t forget to park in the shade. You’ll have more fun on your road trip without the heat stressing everybody out. Find the right way to keep your cool while driving this summer.