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6 benefits of being a golf club member

Before 2020, it was common knowledge that golf club membership was declining in the UK. However, this decrease in players signing up to be a member of their local club has since reversed, and golf club membership is increasing once more. While joining a club has an initial hefty upfront cost, there are still many benefits for golf enthusiasts and being a member can be particularly financially viable in the long run.

Save money

Despite the big upfront joining cost, joining a golf club will help you get more for your money in the long run; Even if you play golf just once every two weeks, you can still discover the economic value that club membership can provide. 

Keep up to date with events 

Joining a club gives you more access to golfing events, and local golf competitions and tournaments. On average, a club will host around 2-3 weekly competitions which you can only enter as a member. Being a club member will also allow you to improve your handicap and if you put in three cards and play at least three annual monthly medals, you’ll have a valid handicap that will allow you to take your golf skills all around the world.

Use the other club facilities

Being a member opens up all the other facilities at the club, for example, the driving range, putting green, professional shop, practice ground, and any other social extras like the snooker table and of course, the discounted clubhouse bar.

Meet other golfers

Golf is a social sport, and a great benefit of joining a club is the increase in opportunities to meet other golfers and get to know new people. As well to be able to mix with different groups of people who wouldn’t usually spend time with, getting to know other club members means you will always have someone to play with if you turn up on your own.

Access tuition and classes

At every club, there will be several professionals who will happily give you golf lessons and help you improve your game. Clubs will also sometimes offer tuition as part of their membership package, or at significantly discounted rates.

Start networking

Just like how joining a club gives you a great chance to expand your social circle, a golf club membership can also help you improve your professional relationships as well. If you own a business, work as a freelancer or are a salesman, it’s easy to meet new customers at these clubs, and make new long-term clients as you make your way around the course.

There’s no short answer on whether it’s worth being a member of a golf club since generally, it depends on how much golf you play. However, aside from the financial toss-up, it’s worth considering the other great benefits of signing up for your local club – which according to this list, are plenty.