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5 Amazing Technologies That Can Be Used To Prevent Truck Accidents 

When discussing innovative technology, it is common to think about the Internet of Things (IoT). But most people do not know that smart technology and IoT have expanded their grasp well beyond the comforts of the home. Technological advancement has led to innovative solutions designed to track and reduce truck accidents. 

This is a remarkable achievement, considering that truck accidents alone cause approximately 5,000 deaths each year. Since accidents caused by trucks are particularly devastating, emerging innovations can significantly contribute to road safety and accident prevention. This article outlines some fantastic technologies that can be used to reduce truck accidents on the road.  


A combination of GPS and telecommunication systems, telematics allows businesses to monitor various real-time data to reduce casualties. These systems can provide real-time location data and vehicle diagnostic information that can be analyzed to make informed driving decisions. Businesses can also access driver insights like behavior and driving patterns that can prove helpful to establish liability and assess drivers for road safety. 

Dual-Facing Cameras:

A significant cause of truck accidents is attributed to driver fatigue and distraction. Until now, proving distraction and fatigue in a truck accident has been a substantial concern for victims. But not with dual-facing cameras. 

Designed to record both the exterior and the interior of the truck, these cameras can be used for various purposes beyond being used as evidence in accident claims. By integrating this technology into truck driving training programs, carriers can improve driver behavior and skills. 

Collision Avoidance Systems:

Even the most skilled drivers cannot entirely eliminate the risk of truck accidents. Collision avoidance systems like CameraMatics are built to assist truck drivers in the event of potential collisions. These systems use radars and sensors to analyze data and warn drivers about a possible collision. If the driver fails to react on time, these systems can even automatically operate the brake and operations to lessen or completely prevent the crash. 

Electronic Stability Control:

Electronic Stability Control, or ESC, is a technology that has been incredibly useful in reducing the risks of road accidents. ESC operates similarly to other alert systems. However, as an advanced technology, it also monitors tire movement and steering wheel activity to assist drivers with road safety. When detecting any threat or defect, the system automatically reduces vehicle speed and is particularly helpful on bad roads and weather conditions. 

Autonomous Cruise Control:

Like ESC, autonomous cruise control makes an excellent asset for long-distance travel. Its advanced control automatically adjusts the speed of a vehicle to maintain safe distances. It also collects satellite information to detect the space between vehicles and prevent collisions.  

Although advanced technology has undoubtedly made roads safer, it cannot completely eliminate the risk of accidents. Contacting an experienced and qualified lawyer right after your accident can significantly improve your chances of receiving compensation. While technologies can give you access to factual evidence, a lawyer can help you put them together and bring you justice. 

However, do remember to contact lawyers familiar with truck accident laws of the state where the crash occurred. For instance, if you suffered injuries from a truck accident in San Francisco, get legal assistance from a San Francisco-based truck accident lawyer. A lawyer familiar with local laws will be far more equipped to protect your legal rights. 

Trucks might be getting smarter, but this does not mean it’s time for drivers to relax. Since truck accidents are particularly severe, vehicles must always stay alert around big rigs and semi trucks when on the road. If you meet with an accident, contact a lawyer and take the necessary steps to protect your rights.