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3 Funny Websites That are Sure to Improve a Tough Day

If you are looking for a lighter mood and a little bit of a chuckle then delving into the world of comedy usually gets the job done. Humor does get the job done if you find something that really gels with you. Everyone’s tastes are different and comedy is incredibly diverse, so it is not a fair playing field to always rank what you may believe is funnier unless the humor is within the same category. Here you can find a varied list of three funny websites that may appeal to your sense of humor, especially in your time of need if you need that extra little boost. 

The Onion

The Onion is a website that many have fallen in love with over the years. Renowned for the satire that they bring to the table, they do not hold back when it comes to politics and the many other topics that they cover. When The Onion publishes news pieces from across the globe with the help of their 350,000 journalists who are on the prowl for the latest stories people tend to wait in anticipation. Even on social media. The satire that they provide on current events brings a great laugh as people find themselves relating to the parody that they witness.  

Deez Nuts Jokes  

A little bit of old-school humor. If you are one of the many people who enjoy some corniness on the odd occasion then a little bit of deez nuts jokes would be a great mouthful for you. It’s also right up the ally of that’s what he and she said. The website is filled with a collection of different jokes lined up for your entertainment that will either make you shake your head or crack up. The website also boasts both funny and strange stories to keep you on your toes and pranks for you to try out. Having a good laugh at a prank especially during that time of the year can leave people on the receiving end either with mixed emotions or a great laugh, which would be a great outcome for both you and the other parties. Maybe while throwing in a deez nuts joke while you’re at it. 


Cracked has been running for 50 years as they create parodies, satire, and pure comedy. They provide commentaries on the entertainment industry. The Cracked Youtube channel is where you can get even more entertainment, as they provide different categories and sometimes there’s just that complete satisfaction of getting lost in the hours of skits that you can feast your eyes on in comparison to reading something humorous. However, with that said it takes skill to write a funny article so you should definitely check out funny websites.