10 Influencers Every Marketing Major Must Know

While you’re out there hunting for that essaypro promo code for your next assignment, let’s hit pause and dive into something just as cool ‒ the world of influencers. From TikTok to Instagram, they’re changing the game. Whether it’s making us laugh, showing off killer fashion, or getting us moving, these influencers are the real deal in the marketing universe. So, grab a snack, settle in, and let’s check out the influencers every marketing major must know about. Trust me, it’s gonna be lit!


Khaby Lame: Laughing Without Words

This guy is all about making you laugh without saying anything. You’ve probably seen his TikToks where he’s like, “Why make it complicated?” and then does it super simple. It’s hilarious and smart. He’s got millions of fans now, and brands are drawn to his charisma. 

He’s worked with cool companies, proving you don’t always need words to make a big impact. Khaby illustrates how being yourself and keeping it simple can actually be the best way to get noticed.

Huda Kattan: Bossing Beauty

Huda Kattan is a total boss. She started making YouTube videos about makeup and now runs her own beauty empire. It’s huge! She’s got millions following her every makeup move. 

What’s her secret? She’s real. She shows off her products, talks straight about beauty stuff, and connects with fans like they’re friends. It’s not just about selling makeup; it’s about being part of a beauty-loving community. She’s a big deal for anyone considering turning a passion into a career.

Lele Pons: From Quick Laughs to Big-Time Influencer

Remember Lele Pons from Vine? She was all about those funny, short videos. Now, she’s killing it on Instagram with over 50 million followers. She’s done it all – comedy, lifestyle, even teaming up with cool brands. Lele’s a great example of how to keep changing things up to stay interesting. 

She’s living life loud, which totally works for her and her fans.

Charli D’Amelio: Dance Like Everyone’s Watching

Charli D’Amelio is the queen of TikTok dance. She started posting dance videos, and suddenly, boom – she’s a star. What’s cool about Charli is how she’s used her love for dance to work with big brands and reach even more people.

She’s shown that you can take something you love, like dancing, and turn it into something huge, reaching millions and working with awesome brands. It’s all about finding your thing and going all in.

Chiara Ferragni: Fashion’s Favorite Influencer

Chiara Ferragni started as a fashion blogger with The Blonde Salad, and now she’s a fashion icon. She’s got millions of followers who just can’t get enough of her style. 

Chiara is all about showing off fashion in a way that feels personal. It’s like she’s inviting you into her world of high fashion and cool lifestyle. She’s worked with major brands and even has her own products.


Sommer Ray: Fitness Influencer and Entrepreneur

Sommer Ray is a full-on brand. Starting on Vine, she’s now a major Instagram influencer, with millions checking out her workout routines and lifestyle. 

But she didn’t stop there. Sommer used her fame to launch her own fitness apparel and wellness products. 

Her content mixes fitness tips, motivational talks, and a glimpse into her entrepreneurial journey. All of it inspires others to follow their fitness and business dreams.

Cameron Dallas: From Vine to Business Mogul

Cameron Dallas, who started with funny skits on Vine, is now a big deal in entertainment and business. With millions of followers, he’s moved beyond social media to acting and music. 

But here’s the cool part – he’s also getting into the tech and business world, launching his own app. 

Cameron’s story is all about diversification. He explores different passions and opportunities, turning social media fame into a diverse career.

Zach King: The Magical Content Creator

Zach King is like a wizard of the digital world. Known for his mind-blowing “magic” videos, he’s become a sensation on TikTok and Instagram. 

His trick? Super creative video editing makes you ask, “How did he do that?” But it’s not just about the cool tricks. Zach’s content is a masterclass in how creativity and technology can come together to make something amazing. 

He’s worked with big brands, integrating his unique style into their campaigns, proving that thinking outside the box (or screen) can really pay off.

Amanda Cerny: Comedy and Aspiration Combined

Amanda Cerny brings laughs and lifestyle to her millions of followers. She started with comedy videos and modeling, but now she’s all about that inspiring, aspirational content. From fitness to travel, Amanda shows her fans how to live their best life, always with a touch of humor. 

She’s also big on collaborations, working with brands in a way that feels natural and fun. Amanda’s approach is a cool blend of keeping it real and dreaming big.

MrBeast: The Philanthropic Entertainer

MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, isn’t your average YouTuber. Sure, he’s got millions of fans for his epic stunts and challenges, but what really sets him apart is his heart. He’s big on using his platform for good – like raising money for environmental causes and helping those in need. 

As you can see, influencers have the power not just to entertain but also to make a positive difference.

Influencer Inspo 101

And there you have it! We’ve just had a sneak peek into the lives of some seriously cool influencers. From Sommer Ray’s fitness empire to MrBeast’s heart of gold, each one is doing something totally unique and inspiring. 
What’s the takeaway for all you marketing majors? Writers from EssayPro reviews believe it’s all about finding your niche, being true to yourself, and maybe even making a difference along the way. Whether you’re into fitness, comedy, or anything in between, remember your passion can totally turn into your brand.