10 High End Camping Trip Essentials

Let’s be honest here, camping isn’t for everybody. In fact, there are so many other things that most of us would rather do than lie in a flimsy tent in the terrible weather – after having rice and beans for dinner – and trying to work out how on earth you’re supposed to get into that zip up sleeping bag. Surely there are better ways to spend your time than wondering whether that’s a wolf outside the tent, or maybe even a camping-serial-killer?

Camping can be great, however, and it can also be pretty high end if you do it right. Don’t believe us? Get your hands on these 10 things.

1. The tent

OK, some of the basic camping tents leave a lot to be desired. There’s just enough space to move, and if one of the hooks comes out, you’re going to wake up to a face full of plastic. Not ideal. However, the better your tent, the more relaxing your time is going to be. Opt for one that is designed for more people, and one that you can actually stand up in. It makes a lot of difference!

2. The airbed

Sleeping with a thin mat between you and the ground – or perhaps even without such a luxury – is not the recipe for a good night’s sleep. In fact, we’d say it was a recipe for disaster, so if you want to get out there the next day and feel refreshed, then get your hands on an airbed. Choose one that isn’t too heavy, and doesn’t take a long time to inflate, and you’ll be catching some Zs in no time.

3. The firepit

There’s nothing better than sitting around a fire, eating marshmallows with your closest friends. However, some of us aren’t exactly hunter gatherer types, and looking for the right wood in the forest – and subsequently trying to set it alight – would take us longer than we’d like to admit. Bring along a firepit and some coals, and relax without the stress of that search for dry wood. Phew.

4. The food

When you’re chilling out with your friends, there is nothing that brings you together quite like some great food. Say goodbye to tinned foods that make you wish you were in a hotel instead, and bring along some more high end alternatives. If you’re thinking about grilling meat, bring a barbecue with you, and enjoy eating in style. Gone are the days of bad camping food, you know?

5. The drink

Whatever your chosen tipple is, there should be space for it on your camping trip. After all, you’re relaxing and taking the scenery in, and what better way to do so than with a beverage (or two) at your disposal? Check out some whiskey accessories, for example, and see whether you can make full use of that hip flask whilst you’re out there in the wilderness. Sounds pretty great, huh?

6. The lighting

Whilst the firepit will be a great staple to your camping atmosphere, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little more ambience with some lighting alternatives. Whether you’re bringing lanterns or fairy lights, or even some candles, make sure that your campsite is well-lit enough for you to remain safe, and to feel like you’ve set up your own little comfy spot. Don’t leave this detail out!

7. The furniture

So… you’ve set up your tent, the lights are up, the grill is going, and everybody is just standing around. Not ideal, huh? Make sure that you’ve got enough comfortable camping chairs to go around, and that you’ve got a table that’s suitable for all of the delicious food that you’re going to cook up. When you’re sitting around the fire of an evening, you’re going to want to have that luxurious chair!

8. The clothing

Great camping clothing can make all of the difference, especially if the weather during your trip leaves a lot to be desired. Check out the best camping brands out there, and see what other campers have said about how durable they are, the warmth that they provide, and where they stand when it comes to being waterproof. Bring the wrong gear, and you could find that you’re spending the night shivering!

9. The entertainment

Camping is all about getting back in touch with nature, and leaving your technology safely locked away in the car (or the tent). Make your campsite a no-phones zone (or only use them in emergency situations) and go back to those old-fashioned ways of keeping yourself amused. Whether it’s a game of cards or a board game, or even a sing-song around the fire pit, don’t forget to consider this.

10. The hammock

If you really want to enjoy a luxurious few nights in your campsite, why not invest in a hammock? You can sit back and watch the world go by, or you could even purchase one that has all that you need to get in a good night’s sleep. Waking up to some beautiful views from a hammock, and knowing that you’re safe from (most of) those creepy crawlies on the floor, is certainly a good shout.

Extra tip: don’t forget to bring a great book with you; preferably one that is ideal for adventurers. Sure, you might be glamping, but there is always some room for a bit of an adventure, and what better way to inspire yourself than getting your hands on a brilliant book to get you in the mood! We recommend On The Road by Jack Kerouac if you’re not sure where to begin.


If you’re thinking about heading out there for a camping trip, but you want to do so in style, then make sure that you look into these 10 things. Who said that camping can’t be luxurious, huh? Get the best of both worlds, and enjoy what nature has to offer whilst making sure that you get a great night’s rest, and some memories that you’ll always cherish. Have fun!