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10 Car Upgrades You Should Try In 2020

It is 2022, and you are still stuck with your ten-year-old car. You have been looking to get a new one in the last few years, but financial restrictions coupled with the competitive market means you have to put that dream or perhaps fantasy on hold. You are not alone in this as many people are keeping their old cars longer than they did before. However, it is not all gloom yet. There are quite a few car upgrades out there you can do to give your car that extra personality. With this guide, you will get some insight into some of the things you could do to enhance your car’s performance while giving it that upgrade you’re so yearning for.  


It is not far-fetched to say that tires are the most important pieces of your car. These four pieces of rubber bind just about everything about your car. From harnessing your car’s engine power to ensuring a good performance of your brakes, and determining how effectively a vehicle will circumvent a corner whether or not they’re maneuvering into a slow down or yelling into a fast sweeper. Good quality tires (particularly when the cold weather sets in) will be a great start to giving your car that good look, better road feel, and good noise control.  

Engine Control Unit (ECU) flash

ECU controls most aspects of modern car engines. The ECU in your vehicle is set up from the factory to control the fuel-air blend in the motor to amplify a car’s power and efficiency. The issue is, producers program the ECU’s boundaries well underneath the motor’s actual ability, for the most part, as a security net. A reprogramming or flashing can unlock the engine’s full potential, and in some cases, improve its mileage.

Spark plugs

A simple yet effective way to improve your car’s performance is to upgrade its spark plugs. Most standard spark plugs have firing issues, especially when you live in an area with cold weather, and this affects the car speed and consistency. Better sparkle plugs are a simple, reasonable trade that can have a significant effect. Better quality of the spark plug means better combustion — resulting in fewer emissions and improved fuel economy. It is important to note that plugs need to be changed regularly, so its quality will decide how often it has to be replaced. 

Remote-start kit

Imagine having to sit inside your car for several minutes to warm it before starting? The only way to avoid this is to have a remote starter. With this, you can remotely start your engine while warming the car and it’s interior before getting in. It also has alarm systems for security, which allows you to lock and unlock car doors and the trunk remotely. Remote starters are popular in newer cars which come with the feature from the factory. Owners of older cars can still get the starter kit system on the market and have it installed in your cars. Cut off the extra bill of having a personal driver warm-up or cool down your car’s inside before getting in. Luxury doesn’t have to be that expensive, and one way to do it is to get a remote starter.

Body kits

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Despite enhancing your car’s ground effect, body kits improve their performance. In recent times, this was usually applied to racing cars to decrease air pressure beneath them. For fast drivers and long-distance traveling, which requires speeding, body kits keep vehicles from ascending off roads and turning over while moving at high speeds around corners. Even though it is often viewed as a procured taste, body kits are by a wider margin, the most sensational approach to change your vehicle’s appearance.

Full-body wrap

Vehicle wrap vinyl is a great way for an old car owner to transform their car’s appearance. If you want to transform your car without necessarily having it painted, then car wrapping or full-body wrap is the way to go. A vinyl full-body wrap is a less risky way for a car owner to change a car’s color while protecting it. It requires no spray, yet it’s fast and cost-effective to change the car’s color. This is easily reversible without hampering the original color of your car. It even protects your car from mild abrasion and sun damage.

Amp and speakers

Nothing kills a good buzz like having a great looking car with a bad sound system. Upgrading your vehicle’s speakers will hugely impact the feel of it. Cars are generally sold not to suit a particular person; therefore, it is necessary to tailor the audio sound systems to meet your satisfaction. You can focus on making the right adjustments and flexibility.

Turbo kits

While certain auto fans like to contend that there’s no substitution for removal, turbocharging has been a reasonable method to build motor execution altogether for quite some time. While it is conceivable to assemble your turbo pack without any preparation, the units remove the mystery attached to the process.

Dash cams

Aside from enhancing your car experience, dash cameras can provide essential information in an accident. It becomes incredibly difficult to determine who is to be blamed for an accident with no video footage. Whether it is a back or forward-looking camera, a few companies sell cameras intended to mount underside – attachments that can be joined with different cameras to make a 360-degree around-see point of view.

Performance exhaust

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It is in our liking to need our vehicles to speed up, be better, and release their maximum capacity. Exhaust provides an escape way for gases produced by the car to exit the engine. By overhauling the exhaust, you make a simpler and better pathway for those gases to get away, which helps your motor breathe simpler and hence perform better. Combining a new exhaust system with a cold air intake will promote a better condition of your car engine breath, which will deliver full power while lowering fuel consumption. 

There are many car upgrades everyone can do to make a big difference in their daily auto journey. From tires to spark plugs and enhanced tech interiors, you can visit for all your car accessories to breathe new life into your vehicle.