How to Make Your Car Look Cool

Did you know that it can cost up to $10,000 to maintain a car? This is per year and it doesn’t even cover the fact that you might have to replace the entire thing. Some people get more and more tempted to swap out their old car for new cars and while they can do this, that doesn’t always help when you’re trying to make your existing car look cooler – right? 

Doing what you can to keep your current car looking fresh will help you to feel better about your ride. You can bet that performing regular maintenance will help but so will looking up the overall car wrapping price and figuring out who can do it for you. You want to make your older vehicle look new again and some of the tips you need for that are listed for you below:

  1. Clean it out. Okay, so you don’t actually have to do this one yourself. You can take your car to a cleaner and have it fully serviced both inside and outside. This will help you to get all of the crumbs up from the corners of the seats and you can clean the windows, too. You should try to get into the habit of moving the trash out of the car every time you leave it – it’s a hard one to get into when the mental load is too much, however.
  2. Get the carpets replaced. You can vacuum until your hearts’ content, but eventually those car carpets will need a little replacement from time to time. It’s a labor- heavy job, so you should find a good company who can do it for you so you don’t have to. You can find carpet kids and you can use car mats in the meantime, too.
  3. Speaking of floor mats. We just mentioned these beauties and there’s a good reason for it. Car mats help you to keep the carpets refreshed and clean even when you have muddy boots or kids who smush cake in the car! Removing the original mats and replacing them is important and rubber floor mats will help. You can keep snow and dirt from being smashed in and you can protect your car from random spills. Remember the time you gave the kids slime? Yeah, your car does, too.
  4. Make a point of updating your sound system. If you have had a car for more than a decade you may need to spend a little cash to upgrade to a newer system. It’s nice to remember those tape decks in a car but it’s mostly about Bluetooth and Spotify these days. You could also replace the speakers of the car and ensure that you have better audio than you did the first time. Your car will be so much cooler when you have the right speakers!
  5. Add a little tint. From the passenger windows to the windscreen, you can check out the laws to learn whether you can have tinted windows at all. They look super sleek but they’re also a protectant during accidents. More than that, they can also help to improve your vision when the sun is shining. Speaking of the sun, the tint on the windows can help to block out some of the UV rays and keep your upholstery from fading over time.
  6. Upgrade the wheels. Your hub caps don’t always need to be replaced but you can give your car an instant vibe by upgrading the wheels. The chances are high that your cheaper vehicle will be loaded with cheap wheels, so you have to consider this when you’re upgrading them. New tires, new caps and if you want to be fancy, adding spinners is a great idea!
  7. Add some custom upholstery. Customizing the seats in your car helps you to upgrade the look of the car and you can choose the change to suit your needs and the aesthetic you’re looking for. 
  8. Add a new paint job or a wrap. Giving your car a colorful hug may not be on your to-do list but if you want to make it look cool, a change of look will help! You can upgrade the paint or add a vinyl wrap to hide dents or scratches and change the paint job, too!
  9. Change the lights. One great tip that you have to pay attention to is the one to change the headlight bulbs of the car. You can replace broken bulbs for a good look, but you can also add a little unique interest with pale blue hue bulbs!