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Why Playing Sports is Good For Your Health

Around the world, doctors are constantly suggesting that people do any sort of activity each day. The lack of movement has caused obesity in a number of people, globally. Moving around and exercising can be tiresome and boring for some, but there are different activities one can do to motivate them and get them going. 

One of those activities is playing a sport. The sport does not have to be super tedious, but it just has to get you moving. Sports include ping pong or table tennis, golf, swimming, bowling, rugby, soccer, and several others that range from high to low intensity. If you are starting out a new sport, know where your level of stamina stands and whether you need something more or less intense. Read on below to find out why playing sports is good for your health in general.

Helps Fight Depression and Anxiety

The best thing about playing sports is that you feel like you are part of a team. Going to the gym can be really beneficial for your health and help you look great, but there is no sense of teamwork or companionship. You learn to focus on others and not just yourself during that time as you want to build up the team you are with. Even if you are not playing a sport that requires teams, the sheer act of representing a sport you love and competing with someone else will motivate you to keep going and to keep getting better. Teamwork and collaboration have major mental health benefits and helps you to get to know new people and form new bonds and friendships. Looking forward to something each and every day is one of the best ways to fight off depression and anxiety. When you are playing a sport, you start focusing on the game itself and lose yourself in the moment rather than focusing on worries and anxieties.

Delays Diseases

One of the most beneficial things you gain from playing sports or exercising, in general, is delaying diseases. Exercise will prevent heart disease and strokes because the daily physical activity you exert will strengthen your heart muscle. It will also lower your blood pressure because as mentioned, it is a de-stressor to an extent, and will raise your HDL and lower your LDL levels (high and low density lipoprotein), those are your good and bad cholesterols, consecutively.

 It also decreases the chances of diabetes, osteoporosis, and possible disabilities. If it is difficult for you to do high intensity sports due to a chronic disease you can always try low-impact sports like rowing, cycling, and swimming. The sports experts from  suggest that there are sports that can be done from the comfort of your own home if you buy the right equipment. For instance, purchasing a portable basketball hoop will allow you to play ball at any given time and it does not have to be intense as it would be playing with a team.

Controls Body Weight and Appetite

The clearest way in which playing a sport is good for your health is that it controls your weight and your appetite. Since you have some activity to do some if not most days, your focus becomes largely on the sport itself rather than eating. Moving around can surely make you hungry, but because you are moving around a lot, you are thinking less about the food. Also, because you are moving around a lot, you get to shed off the weight and do exercise without really feeling like you are doing it. Going to the gym can get really tedious and you can get bored really quickly, yet because you are moving around and doing new exciting things, you do not really focus on the weight you are losing due to that movement. It also increases your metabolism and builds muscles, which allow for constant weight loss.

Playing sports is one of the best ways to fight off depression and look forward to doing something new each day. There are new experiences to be shared with your teammates and new skills to learn. Do your research as to which sport would be the most suitable for you. For instance, if you have a problem with your joints, then maybe kickboxing will not be the best option. Taking up swimming in that case would help you and allow you to do physical therapy for your joints. If you like more mellow sports then do not go for rugby and try out golfing or group cycling. List out the things you like to do and you will definitely find a sport that matches your likes!