What to See & Do While Visiting Oxford? Top Suggestions to Follow

Oxford is one of those towns that is not first on the visiting list when people think about the UK. Yet, there is so much to see in Oxford and relive that will bring you an experience like no other. Sometimes, visiting smaller towns might give you much more than bigger cities, and Oxford is an example of this. Here are the top things to see and do while visiting this historic and beautiful British town.

River cruise

The best way to get a nice look at the entire city is with a river cruise, can’t go wrong with that. And lucky for you, Oxford river cruises are one of the most memorable ones. You will feel like you are cruising the river and looking at living history, a mirror of the past. You can see the most iconic attractions such as the Christ Church Meadows and the University from a very unique perspective.

The nature you will be able to see is also quite beautiful and peaceful when you are at the river. Combine that with a cozy setting of a boat and you have perfect memories. It is very important to take a look at cities through this perspective, not just Oxford. Oxford is especially beautiful from the river and you can see many parts of it due to its size. 

Bodleian Library

The Bodleian library is one of the oldest libraries that still works in the whole of Europe. It dates back all the way to the 1600s and it is the second largest library in Britain with over 13 million printed items. As you just take a look at the library, you can feel that it has a rich history and relive it. Just imagine all the different people that went through those doors in search of knowledge. A tour like this is heaven not just for bookworms but also for everyone.

Oxford castle and prison

Even though this castle is not a prison at the moment it is still a castle, a marvelous castle. A lot of things happened within those walls and there are countless tales of different people who have been there. A guided tour of this castle and prison will be quite an experience that will just keep wanting you more. Oxford is full of historic places that still live and breathe life and tell numerous tales.

Botanic garden

The Oxford botanic garden is a great place if you want to relax and just vibe with nature. There are a lot of beautiful plants here and a lot of beautiful architecture as you are in a movie scene. It is great if you are going solo or if you are going with someone, there are plenty of places to sit down.  It is a great opportunity to see many different plant species that you just can not find unless you visit their native land.


Of course, we can’t talk about Oxford if we do not mention the university, everyone knows about it. A lot of people probably heard about the university first and then later about the small city of Oxford. A lot of people visited this prestigious and world-class university and there are plenty of things to see here. In order to visit all of the buildings and facilities, you would probably need a day or two, so plan ahead.


These are just some of the many attractions and activities which Oxford presents. The rest is up to you to see and live these moments that you can not experience anywhere else. It is very important to have your vision open to many different experiences, not just the things in front of you. If you only think about the things presented in front of you, you will miss the bigger picture all around you.

Oxford is a beautiful town that can show you a lot more than you might think at first. There is a reason why one of the most prestigious universities is here and why many people are attracted to Oxford. It is more than just the university and many beautiful locations, it is about all the different souls that stood in this place.