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What Does It Take To Date a Model?

Every guy has the fantasy of dating a supermodel, but how can you do this in real life? How can you actually date a model? When we talk about getting with a hot girl, some people think that it’s all about the confidence or having stellar looks, but the fact is, it’s down to a combination of factors. Read on to get some pointers. 

Don’t Focus on the Looks 

It’s not about how you look, and it’s not about how she looks! When you look at models, the reality soon dawns on you that they’re not with handsome guys 100% of the time. When you look at Instagram models like Ella Orton, it’s so easy for us to think that they are unattainable or they have a certain standard, but dig deeper and you’ll be surprised! The important thing is for you to know how to figure her out. Models are women who might be praised for their looks, but it’s important to remember that the life of a model is one with constant comparison to others and rejection. If you are someone who completely follows the herd and focuses on how they look, telling them how hot they are, you are going in at the wrong angle. 

Getting Her Attention 

Models are people who were once the ugly duckling, and this is mind-boggling. And if you ever have the opportunity to approach someone in person, the important thing is to be confident, be polite, and remember that you are good enough. Every model has been the girl that nobody wanted to kiss at some time in their life. And this is where you have to go in with a killer first line. But do not tell her how hot she is, instead, stay away from the pick-up lines. The best approach is to approach the woman when she’s in a group, and not with men. You need to create intrigue. This means staying away from all of those cliched pick-up lines. 

Don’t praise her for her looks, but instead, play dumb, and ask her what she does for a living. If she says she’s a model, she’s trying to impress. The trick is now to follow up with intelligent questions about the profession. Instead of asking about the lifestyle, which they are sick to death of talking about, ask them about what they plan to do in the future after their modeling career is done. They may not have even thought this far ahead, which is where you can start to humanize the process. 

You could ask if she’s experienced problems with trolling, which gives her the opportunity to vent, but also, talk about the long-term. This is a one-two that could very well well take her by surprise. 

After You’ve Got Her Talking 

You’ve got the conversation started, but now you need to take things to the next level. After you bought a couple of drinks, you need to make sure that you’re not in the “friend zone.” Ask her if she’s got a shoot the next morning and gauge the reaction. By this point, you should be able to tell if she’s happy to leave with you. But don’t think that you’ve got a one-night stand on your cards. Instead, be chivalrous, and arrange to meet up for a date. The most important thing is to keep it old-fashioned. Remember your manners, wine and dine, and make sure that you bring value to her life. You might think that you have nothing to offer her, but if you don’t live a glamorous lifestyle, you are a breath of fresh air. She may be jet-setting everywhere, but try to keep it old-fashioned. Be respectful, and be yourself. 

Dating a model is not about the one-night stand or the superficiality of it all. The fact is that when you have taken the initiative to go and speak to someone who has cameras shoved in their face for a living, and has people drooling all over them all the time, all this stuff, no matter how glamorous it is to you, is normal to them. And if you’ve got beyond the friend zone, and have managed to get her a couple of drinks, the most important thing to remember is that you will have to do a lot of the legwork. Because women like this are constantly pampered, you’ve got to work hard, and this includes in the bedroom. Models don’t have time for mind games, and if you want to date a model, you’ve got to remember that it is more than just about a one-night stand, but it’s about engaging with the human underneath.