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The Importance Of Roof Maintenance: How Often Should You Do It

Can’t have a house without a roof. Similarly, you cannot have a good house without a good roof. There is a tenancy when a house is bought or built, that over the years, the electricals are checked, the walls are repainted, additions may be attached to the structure but the roof remains untouched. It’s almost as if there is some widespread belief that the roof is invincible. It looks fine so it must be fine. As the saying goes, looks are deceiving. Roof maintenance is paramount to the integrity of the rest of your home. Pay greater attention to it.

Signs To Call A Roofing Contractor

The most obvious is leaking. There may be water stains on the wall, growth of mold, or pools of water in different regions of your home like the attic. Every time it rains there is the need to take extra precautions to cover up electronics and important documents, set pails and buckets at specific spots. Shingles could be loose, broken, or missing. Metals might be rusting and dark-colored patches could indicate rot. Any such signs should have you running to the phone to contact your roofing contractor. 

Hopefully, whoever you call is a true professional and not someone who will do some quick temporary patchwork. If you live in the Minnesota or Minneapolis areas, give this Minnesota roofing company a try. The team is equipped with extensive years of experience with roof repairs, remodeling, and replacement. Whatever the cause of the damage, be it natural disaster-related, man-made, or old age wear and tear, the task can be handled. Need help with your roofing insurance claim, these contractors take care of that too. 

Furthermore, one of the biggest causes of roof damage is pests. Attics are ideal environments for squirrels and rodents, who can damage your stored items by chewing them and possibly causing fire hazards by biting through electric cabling. Any unusual noises should therefore be investigated quickly, as any nests and droppings can become ideal breeding grounds for insects, which can then spread diseases into your home. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about how to tackle a pest infestation in your roof, you can find some helpful resources on the Pest Control Experts website here: https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/exterminator/indiana/

Roof Inspection

Before any repairs are done, an inspection needs to take place. A roofing contractor will need to take a closer look both on the inside and outside of the roof to evaluate the extent of the damage. Any dormers, chimneys, and gutters will be closely analyzed on the outside while on the inside eves, braces, and wood sheaths will be investigated. From an inspection, you will also be given an estimated cost of the repairs needed. With regular checks, the total will be minimal.

Through your untrained eyes, inspect your roof as often as you can. You never know, you may catch something that requires further attention. A roofing expert should be contracted ideally twice yearly for full inspection, especially if you live in regions prone to hurricanes and tornadoes or live in very hot or very cold temperatures. Do not wait for the cyclone season to draw near before having this vital check done. An evaluation both before and after the passage of the storm is imperative to make sure your home is ready to withstand the impact and to gauge any damage that could have resulted afterward. 

DIY Inspection

Even though you may not be a roofing contractor, cracked or curling shingles should raise red flags for you. Damp and peeling wallpaper and cracked paint could be signs of a leak. Check your plywood sheaths often for signs of termite infestation. If not quickly caught and exterminated, these insects can make quick work of the woodwork of the roof. Cut away or trim all overhanging branches. When leaves shed, some inevitably will fall into your gutters causing clogging and breaks, and eventually leaks. 

During the winter months, try in a safe way to remove excessive snowfall from your roof. If left to accumulate, the weight of the ice and subsequent melting will complicate the structure of the roof. If you are unable to safely accomplish this, call on a contractor. During storms, you also need to call contractors for storm damage roofing repairs.

Benefits Of A Good Roof

As an essential aspect of the overall structure, the roof dictates the health of the home. You want to safeguard the investment you have made in this building. Should you want to sell at some point, a roof in good condition will increase the value of the home. Whatever amount you had spent in maintenance will be recouped in some or full upon selling. Save more money through intermittent checks and avoid an unexpected roof replacement situation that will come attached with a much pricier price tag. The feeling of protection when inside your abode knowing that you are in a secure structure is unmatched. 

Roof maintenance is necessary, no two ways around it. Experts vary on how often inspections should be done as different regions face different levels of risk. The key is to keep your eyes open and trust only a professional.