The 7 Surprising Advantages of a Mac

Did you know that over 5 million Macs were sold globally in just the last three months of 2019? Thanks to their stunning performance and sleek looks, more and more people are converting from PC to Apple. 

However, if you have not yet made the change, why should you? What advantages do Macs have over other computers and operating systems?

What Mac advantage can best help you and your company? Why not check out our in-depth guide below to find out. 

1. The Operating System

The OS X operating system in itself is a great reason to change to a Mac. In the distant past, it was known as a stiff and awkward operating system. However, that has all changed with releases in recent years.

With the release of OS X, it left the domain of hobbyist packages and became an accessible system that the world fell in love with.

2. The Mac Mini

If you need to work with a PC with serious power, you need a desk where you can hide the huge tower that will host it. Not so with the Mac mini.

The Mac mini made it possible for the user to leverage a powerful machine with Apple’s trademark processing power. But in a neat and typically beautiful package. If you are an entrepreneur working in a small space at home, you need not be limited by your small surroundings. 

3. Apple Computers Don’t Need Drivers for Most External Devices

Many of us have had the frustrating experience on our computer where we have bought a new piece of hardware but had to install drivers before using it. Or, if you are not able to find the drivers online, you may not be able to use an existing peripheral device at all. 

Apple machines do not use software drivers. Apple computers have all you need already preinstalled in the original software.

4. Cost

One of the major arguments against Apple products is their cost. True, the initial investment is higher than for a PC. However, the resale value of a Mac is significantly higher than other brands. 

The hardware that is packed into a Mac is truly impressive. The aluminum case protects better than plastic. The processing power will support your work for longer than other brand computers. And yes, the sleek looks of a Mac do support its future resale value.

5. Portability

Apple products are great communicators. By means of the Airdrop feature, your Mac, iPhone, and iPad can share documents and information almost instantly and without wifi. 

Since the Airdrop feature works using BlueTooth, it is not subject to the limitations of internet connections. Locations that lack good connections or safe connections need not slow you down as you pass documents between devices seamlessly. 

6. Security and Support

Mac can provide greater protection from cyber and hacker threats. This is built-in form the ground up as state-of-the-art software is included from the initial machine build.  Simply put, Apple puts more effort into identifying weaknesses during the creations of its software. 

You have probably heard about famous cases where the government of major western countries was not unable to break into encrypted iPhones. This indicated the level of security that Apple is willing to invest in its devices. 

Apple is also known for its excellent customer service support. The Apple guarantee is taken very seriously as the company wants Apple customers to be walking advertisements for their products and services. 

7. Productivity Functionality

Macs offer many tools that can save vital minutes or hours in the office. Let’s face it; we are all looking to pack in as much as we can each day. Applying just some of the productivity features built into Macs can help you do just that quickly and easily.

Creating Tutorial Videos

Once you learn how to record screen on Mac with audio, you can easily make tutorial videos for your company. Simply follow these simple instructions, and your colleagues will simply and easily be able to follow your training videos. 


Why type when you can dictate. Turn this function on from the system preferences. After this, simply hit Function twice quickly to start recording.  

Hot Corners

Sometimes you just need clarity when working. You have a large number of windows open and need to reorganize. You can switch on the Hot Corners functionality from the system preferences menu. You can then assign a different menu to each corner of your screen. Simply navigate to the corner with your mouse, and you will activate this menu. 

Saved Searches

If you run the same searches regularly, this can save you some time. Smart folders are saved searches that constantly update their results. Simply run a search and click save. Give your saved search a name, and you will easily be able to find your desired search results again. 

What Mac Advantage will You Use?

If you are thinking about moving from PC to Mac, you are likely thinking about the functionality you currently have and wondering whether it will be there in your Mac. In truth, there are so many advantages to using Macs. You just need to know what Mac advantage can benefit you and your business. 

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