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The 7 Secrets To Losing Weight Without Feeling Deprived

You’ve got your wedding in the fall and you’re trying to lose weight so that you can fit into that suit and look your best. You’re trying to diet, but it’s hard, you’re so hungry all of the time. You give into your cravings time and time again.

What do you do? You don’t want to disappoint your bride, but the diet just isn’t working. Relax. We are going to tell you 7 secrets that will help you take those pounds off, without feeling deprived.

Losing Weight

1.Reduce portion sizes

The fact is, we’ve become accustomed to eating much larger portions of food than is necessary or healthy for us. This tends to translate into an extra pound or two of weight gained every year as we age.

The feeling of deprivation when trying to lose weight comes about when we try to cut foods completely out of our diet. Unless there is a compelling health reason, this usually isn’t necessary. You can still have your favorite foods, just in smaller portions. Studies have shown that by just cutting back on portions by 10-20 percent, you can achieve weight loss.

Even better, as you continue to eat smaller portions, your body becomes accustomed to eating less. You don’t have that feeling of missing out.

2.Get some advice

Sometimes there are things you don’t know about your body that are preventing you from losing weight. Maybe your body type makes it difficult for you to lose weight easily. Weight loss also involves a certain psychological component. There may be hidden issues driving your overeating.

For occasions like these, you may need to get professional help. There are professionals who can help, like the dietary specialists at Karien CSN, who can help you. A qualified specialist can assist you with setting up a plan that includes all of your favorite foods but in formulations that don’t make you fatter. They’ll give you the tools you need to create healthy, satisfying meals and make this part of your lifestyle. You will also learn to spot psychological triggers that derail your weight loss plan.

3.Switch to low fat/low-calorie versions of your favorite foods

In an effort to stay relevant in markets that are increasingly health-conscious, many food manufacturers have begun producing low fat and or low-calorie versions of their products. Some may have created completely new, healthy product lines.

Consuming some of these products, in moderation, may help you cut cravings for unhealthy snacks. We say in moderation because there is a temptation to overindulge since the foods are labeled low fat or low calorie. You would be undoing all the hard work you have already done though. Eating twice the amount of a healthy, low-calorie, or low-fat snack often means you end up consuming the same amount or even more of the regular version.

Losing Weight

4. Eat more fruit and vegetable

Fruit and vegetables not only make your plate more colorful, but they also contain lots of fiber. Why is fiber important? Fiber is made up of bulky cellulose material that helps you feel fuller, longer. Therefore, you don’t always feel hungry, or as though you’re missing out, even though you’re trying to lose weight.

Having fruit will also help you reduce those cravings for sugar as well as help you increase your water intake. This is because many fruits are over 75 percent water.

5. Eat more protein

Lean meats such as chicken and turkey do the same things as consuming more fruit and vegetables. They help you to stay fuller for longer. 

The reason it can do this is that protein positively affects the hormones that control how quickly you digest food and how full you feel. Proteins also burn more calories during digestion than either fats or carbohydrates.

6. Slow down on your stress

When you are stressed you tend to want comfort. One of the things people do to get this comfort is to eat. And when they eat, it’s usually unhealthy foods in much larger amounts than they should.

In this situation, it is advised that you find the source of your stress and deal with it directly so that it stops interfering with your eating habits.

7. Eat breakfast

You’ve been told breakfast is the most important meal of the day all of your life. Unfortunately, you’ve skipped it because you thought it would help you lose weight. It turns out that breakfast is important to you to reach your health goals.

It keeps you full for longer and helps you avoid snacking throughout the day.

There you are. The 7 secrets to losing weight without feeling deprived. Using them in your weight loss journey and see the pounds melt away.