Survival Strategies In Violent Situations – How To Stay Safe

Right now, the world is a dangerous place to live in as violent incidents like riots, shootings and bombings become more common than ever. You cannot be too sure about safety even in your home because attacks can happen anywhere and at any time. Having a survival plan in place keeps you one step ahead of such situations. It makes all the more sense if you have a family with kids and seniors to protect. Fortunately, good planning and preparedness can keep you and your loved ones safe. Here are some strategies that can help.

Be vigilant at all times

Perils often come out of the blue, without warning or expectations. Being vigilant and aware of the surroundings can help you prevent threats and risks to your personal safety. Going through body armor news blog will give you valuable insights about sharpening your senses when it comes to personal safety in dangerous situations. It is sensible to get out of a threatening situation as quickly as you can. The best move would be to leave and get help for others because unnecessary heroism can cause more harm than good. 

Think of possibilities in advance

A proactive approach is always the best when it comes to ensuring personal safety. Thinking about various possibilities in advance is a good way to visualize tactics for handling each of them. What if you are caught in a riot or shooting in a shopping mall? How will you deal with a break-in situation at your home? Where will you get help if you get into trouble in another city or country? Planning in advance puts you in a better position.

Invest in safety gear

Although you may think that personal protection is meant only for law enforcement officers and people in dangerous occupations, it is for everyone. Buying a bullet proof vest by is the best thing you can do for yourself if you live in a dangerous neighborhood or city. Even if everything is relatively calm and peaceful around, body armor always gives you extra protection and confidence. 

Prepare your family with self-defense

While safety gear keeps you safe from bullets, basic self-defense gives you an edge in most dangerous situations. You may not use it to counterattack the perpetrator, but it makes you capable of escaping from the place of violence. Don’t just confine self-defense training to yourself, but make it a family thing. Arm the children and elders with basic equipment like pepper spray and stun guns and ensure that they know how to use these for personal defense.

Stay calm

When it comes to being safe and protecting the people around during a violent situation, staying calm can make all the difference. If you panic, you will only make things worse. Being calm, on the other hand, will help you think clearly and come up with an effective plan to resolve the problem. A calm and confident appearance works in your favor as it can confuse and baffle the attacker.

Finally, trust your instincts as your intuition can be your best line of defense, even during the toughest times. When your family is in a situation, lead them by staying strong and confident.