Practicing Proper Etiquette: 3 Times You Should Send a Thank You Card

It’s important to show your thanks when someone does something especially nice for you. Here are three situations where you should always send a thank you card.

Giving thank you cards is slowly becoming a lost art. But there is no denying the warm fuzzy feelings that people feel upon giving and receiving thank you notes.  

In other words, this is a dying art that we all should take upon ourselves to help keep alive. 

What if you’re not sure when is the appropriate time to send a thank you card? Perhaps no one ever taught you about this piece of etiquette. 

No worries. Keep reading to find out 3 prime times to send a thank you card. 

1. After Receiving a Gift

Even if you know next to nothing about sending thank you cards, you probably know that you should send one after receiving a gift. Birthday presents, graduation gifts, Christmas presents, and wedding gifts alike all deserve a genuine note of thanks.

When should you send it? For most gifts, it is proper to send a note within 4 weeks of receiving the gift. One exception is wedding gifts. Everyone knows that you’re busy on your honeymoon after a wedding and you have a lot of notes to send out. A note within 6 weeks is considered proper.

Of course, a late note is better than no note…unless your wedding was 10 years ago and you already have 3 kids.

2. After a Job Interview

Do you want to impress a potential employer? Send a thank you note to your interviewer within 24 hours of the interview. They took time out of their day to meet with you, the least you can do is be appreciative.

On a more self-serving note, it will also help you to stand out from a sea of applicants. An employer will take a second look at you as a potential employee when you show this type of attention to detail.

3. After a Funeral

Funerals are a somber time. They are also a very difficult time for the closest family members of the deceased. Not only are you dealing with your grief and pain but also having to attend to funeral details, financial matters, etc.

Friends and other relatives are often happy to step up and help with the details to take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Drop a note to them within 4 weeks expressing your heartfelt appreciation. After all, you wouldn’t have been able to do it without them. 

Choosing the Perfect Thank You Card

What type of thank you card should you send? A generic “Thank you for the ____” with a picture of a smiling kitty is nice, but a personalized card is even better. It’s easy to find ideas for thank you cards online.

Choose a card with an image that means something to your recipient. Handwrite the note for an extra special touch. Your recipient will much appreciate your close attention to detail.

Help Revive the (Almost) Lost Art

The art of giving thank you cards may be falling by the wayside but you can help keep it alive. Now that you know 3 instances when you should send a note to express your gratitude be sure to do it!

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