Is A Daily Uniform The Answer?

Mark Zuckerberg. Johnny Cash. Tom Wolfe. Steve Jobs. Apart from being creative geniuses, what do these men have in common? Put simply, it’s the fact that they created and wore a daily uniform. This extreme approach may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but the visionaries above knew that identifying a signature style, and distilling the essence of that down into a single, perfect look that served them for every single working day gave them power – the power to avoid what has been referred to as ‘decision fatigue‘ and also the power to enhance their personal brand with a type of visual shorthand that referenced their unique values and outlook on life. Many of us long for a simpler, more streamlined life – could a personal uniform be part of the answer to that question? If you do want to develop your style in this direction, what do you need to consider in order to make the perfect uniform for you?

Reject Following Trends

A personal uniform is pretty much the anti-trend, but that can be hard to create when we live in a trend-driven, consumerist society comprised of multi-billion dollar industries who sole purpose is making us feel inadequate, outdated and hopelessly passe in the interest of making more sales. It takes some work on your inner confidence to be able to step off the treadmill and stick with just one look. Consider comfort and lifestyle fit over and above all else – the clothes have to be right for you, and if you feel at ease, you’ll naturally look your best anyway. True style is knowing intimately what suits us and having the courage to stick to it.

Become A Conscious Consumer

Having a uniform is all about learning to live with less. The more we have, the bigger our mental load and the more energy we expend in keeping and curating our stuff. Energy which could be channelled into countless other, more creative pursuits. Use your uniform as a chance to consume more consciously – purchase better quality items which are made to last, but less of them. From that perfect navy wool peacoat or artfully constructed pair of brogues to those bamboo men’s socks for sale or the killer deal on that cashmere pullover, build your wardrobe slowly and mindfully, and work to a list rather than an emotion or an impulse.

Find Your Outfit Formula

Once you’ve worked out the look you’re going for and the basics you need to get there, come up with a four outfit formula. This is a softer take on the restriction of just one outfit for all occasions, but four which you can rotate is a great way to begin uniform dressing. Write these combinations down and snap a picture of yourself in each of them. Start with a piece you love and that you know will look good on your body shape and go from there.

And That Signature Item
A great way to finish off your look is to identify a signature item that makes you look and feel good. It may be a particular statement watch, that pair of white leather Converse All Stars or a scarf that gives you a killer twist. Work that itmw into your looks and you’ll feel like the best version of you and create a visual identity that makes you memorable – and that can only be a very good thing.