Singlehood festival several people standing on field under blue sky

How to plan for your summer festival fix

The wait is almost over for music fans. After two years of disruption and cancellations, we can now look forward to a full programme of summer festivals. All the best names are back on the bill: Latitude, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds, and so on. It’s only natural that you may be chomping at the bit to be there when the action returns. If that sounds like you, getting on and planning your summer festival fix will help make it the greatest it can be.

The importance of preparation

As with many things in life, the right preparation will lay solid foundations for success. It’s the surest way to avoid disappointment, for a start. And it’ll help stop you from rushing around when the time comes to set off for the festival campsite. Naturally, the one thing above all else that you’ll need is a ticket. It doesn’t take long for the most popular events to sell out.

A festival ticket can be expensive, depending on the experience you’re going for. After all, a day ticket won’t set you back as much as the full bells-and-whistles weekend entry. With that in mind, you might want to consider a line of credit for the cost of your ticket. Remember to be clear on the terms before taking out any financial product.

Get a packing checklist sorted

Got a ticket sorted? As the time comes closer, you should work out what you need to pack for the weekend. And if there’s one thing you’ll know if you’ve ever been camping before, it’s that summer weather in the UK is notoriously unreliable. So, the main items on your pre-festival packing list should be things to keep you warm and/or dry if the sunshine fails you.

After that, it’s a case of the obvious essentials – tent, sleeping bag, clothes, phone power bank (if you have one), and basic toiletries. A festival campsite isn’t exactly a five-star hotel. But it’s still possible to keep yourself relatively fresh, even without a hot water shower. Some festivals even offer mobile shower trailers equipped with water storage tanks. This option, however, may require additional payment or reservation. It’s always wise to do your research beforehand and pack accordingly.

Keep yourself safe and secure

If you’ve covered the basics with your packing checklist, that’s a fine start. But there’s more you can do to prepare for a successful summer festival adventure. Have you thought about how you’re going to get there, for example? Car parking is usually available for an add-on – but you equally may prefer the public transport option. And that can’t be left to chance.

Nor can your safety and security onsite. Ibuprofen, a torch, bin bags, and a first aid kit; not the “coolest” things you can pack in your rucksack, but you could well depend on them at some point over the weekend. After all, falling ill during (or after) your summer festival fix can put a real downer on what was otherwise a euphoric – and long-awaited – experience.