How To Host The Perfect Poker Night

Nothing like a good old game of poker to bring men together. Friendly gambling, good laughs, fine wine, and your mates. What’s not to love about a poker night? It’s been a timeless bonding tradition among men.

Why Not Host Your Own Poker Night?

Going to the casino to gamble is quite overrated. It’s expensive and the fun times seem to have a limit. One second you’re having fun, then the next, you’re thinking about your life decisions.
The best way is to host your own poker night in the comfort of your home. I’m here to give you tips on how to prepare for a great night with the lads.

3 Tips To Hosting The Best Poker Night

  1. Game Essentials

To host a poker night, you must have these three key poker essentials. You will need a good classic deck of playing cards, some quality poker chips, and a poker table. Now a poker table might be a bit pricey, but don’t worry, another option is to buy a felt table topper for your dining table. Aside from these essentials, if you decide on holding poker nights regularly, you can invest in other accessories such as timers, automatic shufflers, card guards, and even chip calculators (if you can’t be bothered with math).

  1. Food And Drinks

Now in any gathering, big or small, food and drinks are pretty much key to having a great time. Nothing brings people together like the love for good food and laughing over drinks. For events like poker nights, it’s best to serve finger foods that are easy to eat and doesn’t require cutlery. But also make sure that everybody is provided with table napkins so they don’t soil your cards. As for drinks, nothing beats a good old bottle of whiskey. But you can also opt for refreshing cocktails to serve your friends.

  1. Keep It Friendly

Sometimes, men can’t help themselves and things can get a little heated as the competition gets a bit more serious. As the host, it’s your job to keep your cool and try to mediate the game by keeping the conversations light and fun. Feel free to pass jokes around, but be mindful and observant of your mates’ energies. If you sense somebody is getting a bit stressed, offer them a drink or two. Also, it’s nice to let players buy their way back into the game at least once to keep everybody preoccupied and happy. Nobody wants to be left out.

Cheers To Friends!

Don’t you ever forget the reason why you decided to host a poker night in the first place. It’s to bring your mates together for an enjoyable night! Make sure everybody has a blast, remind your friends that there are no hard feelings, it can be competitive, but sportsmanship is key. Celebrate the winners, and build up the rest for the next time you host another poker night. Your friends won’t only remember who won or who lost, or how it happened, they will always remember all the fun they had!