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How to Create the Ultimate Vehicle Out of Your Truck

If you’re driving a truck, you’re enjoying the comfort in the driver’s cabin and the chance to always have everything you need with you. The back of the vehicle is wide and spacious. It can carry nearly anything with you.

Spaciousness and carrying capacity are the main reasons why most people buy trucks. These kinds of vehicles are too big to get through the city crowd and won’t be the best types in tiny little streets in old Italian cities, for example, but they are perfect for the wise American or Australian boulevards.

Trucks can transport anything, which is why people love having them, but even they are not big enough to carry everything, and always. The rear tray is most commonly open, and you can place items inside, but they are not protected.

In this article, we’re talking about how to solve this issue and create the ultimate storage space on your already big-enough truck. Follow up and learn what is there to install and create a perfectly useful truck that will carry nearly anything you think of.

1. Take out everything you’re not using

The first move to make is to take out everything from the car. If you’re not using it, it means you don’t need it inside the car. It doesn’t matter if it’s the trunk or the driver’s cabin; if you’re not using it constantly, it is only taking space and wasting it for other more needed items.

When you take out the extra tires you don’t need, the tools you’re not using at the moment, and other stuff that you might forget inside, the rear tray will open up. This gives you room for all kinds of other things. When you see it empty, you realize how big it is.

2. Add a toolbox in the rear tray

The first thing to do after cleaning up is to install a toolbox in the rear tray. You’ll find many options on the market, and you need to pick the one that fits your needs perfectly. Will it be a standard tool box, a canopy box, or something else, it’s up to you to decide.

Go through the options that OZY Toolbox Centre offers and find yours. These guys have everything there is, and they deliver to your home. All you need to do is assemble the toolbox and enjoy the chance to store everything you need inside.

The toolbox opens up so much space in the back. With it, you can store large items like machines or bikes, and you don’t even need to take them out when you’re not using them. They are completely protected from the weather and thieves, so you can enjoy knowing they are safe.

3. Think about a roof rack

There’s the roof rack for those carrying more complex and big stuff that may not fit inside the toolbox or the rear tray, or they simply require even more room for the items they need to transport.

The roof rack is an item that is installed on top of the driver’s roof. It is used for tying up long items, like your skis, construction materials, bikes, or other stuff. Some people use them even for transporting furniture. You can add a compartment box on top and protect the items from the weather.

4. Install a ladder rack in the back

Aside from the toolbox and the roof rack, you can install a ladder rack in the back of your car. On it, you will connect your ladder, which is essential for any contracting project, but you may also use it for many other things.

If you install it right, the ladder rack and the roof rack can be connected, forming an arch on which you can place more than one ladder or some of the many construction materials you may need for the contracting project you’re working on.

5. Make use of undertray boxes

One last piece of the puzzle called creating the ultimate storage space on your truck is the undertray box. Installed next to the rear tires, these boxes are protected from all weather conditions and easily accessible to the owner.

They are not enormous, but they are excellent for storing items you can’t afford to lose in the pile of items carried in the above toolbox. Store the first aid kit, a flashlight, some smaller tools, or other stuff inside, and always know where they are when you stop by the road for an emergency.

These several points are enough for transforming the truck into the ultimate storage vehicle ready to hit the road. Including these things means turning an ordinary vehicle into a specialized one. The toolbox, roof rack, ladder rack, and undertray box can provide enormous value for your travels.