Examples of Eco-Friendly Packaging Supplies

We can all agree that reducing the environmental impact of our packaging supplies is essential to our survival. Nowadays, innovative product development and production methods are being implemented by many companies to both reduce their carbon footprint and to save money. This is because more and more consumers are trying to be environmentally friendly when making purchases.

Why should we make the switch from conventional packaging supplies to eco-friendly alternatives?

Well, in recent years, we have seen how problems such excessive energy usage and pollution has led to a multitude of catastrophes associated with global warming. If we focus on making the move towards using more environmentally friendly food packaging and shipping supplies,  we can help mitigate and slow down climate change.  Hence, a new generation of eco-friendly materials is emerging. As well, the consideration of the cradle-to-cradle concept is a must when designing products because large quantities of expensive and environmentally unsustainable shipping supplies are often used in transportation. 

Make the change to day and go green with a new packing company! Consider how you can make your food packaging and shipping supplies, and restaurant supplies in Vancouver more environmentally friendly with these following ideas:

Biodegradable Peanuts:

 A popular item used among shipping supplies is biodegradable peanuts. These types of fillers are made from starch and other bio-based materials, which means that they have a significantly smaller environmental impact than petroleum-based peanuts. 

Biodegradable and reusable mailing bags:

When shipping small times, a great idea would be to use biodegradable mailbags. These types of bags do not add any additional weight to packages. Once your client receives his or her package, they can simply recycle the mailing bag. Alternatively, he or she could reuse the bag for other purposes. Using biodegradable or reusable malign bags is a great way for companies to reach their eco-friendly goals.

Shredded Paper Filler:

We’re all familiar with bubble wrap, one of children’s favorite shipping supplies. Unfortunately, it’s not the most eco-friendly, as it is made of plastic. Not to mention, bubble wrap can be time-consuming and costly to dispose of, leaving many companies looking for an alternative. 

But there is good news! You can use shredded paper filler instead!  As paper is recyclable, you can ensure that your company is doing all that it can to protect mother nature. The only disadvantage here is you don’t get to pop the bubbles afterward! 

Natural foam packing strips:

100 percent biodegradable foam packing strips can also be used for cushioning whenever needed. These packaging supplies are made from soybean oil, which means that they are an eco-friendly alternative for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Recycled chipboard:

Recycled chipboard is an extremely sturdy type of shipping supplies. It is made with around 70% recycled materials and 20% post-industrial waste papers. These products can also be reused and recycled quite easily.  

Paper tubes:

Paper tubes are made from 100% virgin kraft paper. They can be used to  protect items that might be too wide to fit into an envelope, but too narrow to fit into a box. They can be extremely robust, durable. Not to mention, they can easily be reusable or recyclable. 

Cornstarch food packaging:

Cornstarch is an organic material that is becoming an extremely popular type of eco-friendly food packaging. It is derived from corn grain and has plastic-like properties, making it suitable for many applications. Cornstarch food packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including clamshell take-out boxes (you can find that in Patek Packaging) and bottles. 

Air pillows made out of recycled materials

Instead of styrofoam or bubble wrap, try using inflatable air pillows. They are great for ensuring that your products get to your clients safe and sound, as they are ideal for padding or filling the space in boxes. Air pillows are small bags that are inflated when used. This type of packaging reduces the amount of plastic used, as it is just mostly air. This type of shipping supplies is also reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Invest in air pillows made of 100% recycled materials that emphasize biodegradability  to go the extra mile.

Mushroom packaging supplies

Packaging supplies created from mushrooms are both inexpensive and eco-friendly. It is created by allowing mycelium to grow around clean agricultural waste, such as corn husks or stalks. After about 72 hours, the fungus fibers would have bounded the materials together, thus, forming a solid shape.  Packaging which is made from mushrooms degrades quickly, making it an extremely environmentally friendly option. Not to mention, this non-toxic organic material can be composted at one’s home.

Seaweed packaging supplies

Agar, a gelatinous substance found in algae, has many applications. For example, it can be used as a thickener in food items. But did you know that agar is also used in the packaging industry? The use of it as a type of food packaging supplies is becoming more and more prevalent. Eco-friendly seaweed packaging may be the next big thing, as it is extremely abundant and sustainable.  


Cardboard boxes are the industry standard when it comes to shipping supplies. Organic materials like cardboard can have a significant negative impact on the environment if not appropriately sourced. Fortunately cardboard is easily recyclable. Try to source post-consumer or post-industrial recycled cardboard for your packaging supplies and shipping supplies. You can even go the extra mile and consider using  Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified materials, which come from sustainably managed forests. 

Plastic and recycled plastics

A solid and reliable material that won’t break and can support heavy loads is required for some shipping needs. While many organic alternatives are great for cushioning or filler, there are times when only plastic will do. Thankfully, many plastic shipping materials and tools that are available nowadays are made from 100% recycled plastic. For instance, there are eco-friendly postal-approved poly bags, poly mailers, and vinyl mailing bags. All these shipping supplies are available through Patek Packaging.  


Plastic bags are major contributors to pollution. Unfortunately, many businesses around the world use plastic bags on a daily basis. A great alternative to plastic bags would be reusable bags which are made out of organic fabrics. Hemp, organic or recycled cotton, tapioca, palm leaves, and other organic fabrics are now often used to make these reusable bags. These materials will biodegrade in around 100 days, versus the 10,000 years which a plastic bag takes to break down. 

Changes in Packaging Supplies being used. Cities across Canada and worldwide have banned certain materials derived from fossil fuels, such as plastic bags. More and more companies have become cognizant of the importance of utilizing environmentally friendly products. Hence, they have seeked the assistance of restaurant supply stores in Vancouver and stores which offer food packaging supplies in Vancouver to help them make that switch to becoming more sustainable businesses. The environmental movement is gaining traction, and forward-thinking business owners across the country are adapting to stay one step ahead of the competition.