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This post on how to clean your garage is brought to you by Spray Nine. The content and opinions expressed below are that of FactoryTwoFour.


For many men, the garage is not a happy or fun place to be. It’s crowded, dirty, too cold or hot, and lacks even the most basic cable channels. For the majority of garage owners, it is a space used for storage, parking a car or two, and base camp for yard work. But it doesn’t have to be this way.  With the slightest bit of effort and some decent forethought, you can turn your ground floor attic into a man cave.

Let’s deal with the junk first. You’ve got too much of it. I know you can think of something right now that you can throw away in there, but every time you actually reach for it you decide to keep it for some sentimental or future reason that doesn’t exist yet. Stop doing that. Throw things away, organize them so that if you’re keeping them, you at least know what and where they are. If you still have a crowded space after your purge, then it’s time to get as much of your items off the floor or counters as possible. Hang things up, install inexpensive cabinets from Craigslist to hold items, or put up some pegboard (so cheap!) and hang tools like a certified Bob Vila.

Now that you’ve de-cluttered and can actually see the cement floor, you’re probably noticing how dirty and stained it is. And let’s not even talk about your countertops or workbench. Soap and water isn’t going to cut it my friend. You need a cleaner that can break up the most common garage messes – grease and oil. The FactoryTwoFour garage has always used Spray Nine because A) it works, B) it comes in big bottle we don’t have to replace often, and C) it does the job of what we used to use three different cleaners for. Spray liberally, give it a minute to do it’s work (think of it like foreplay for cleaning), and then use some of those durable blue shop towels to wipe away what was previously an unsightly mess. Congrats, your garage is getting cleaner by the second.

Now that you’re organized and clean, you can sit back and decide what you want your garage to be. Do you want a workspace to tinker in, or a man cave, or just to finally fit in your family’s second car? There are no wrong answers (unless you turn it into a giant ball pit. That’s how you get on watch lists…), so take some time to really think through what your ultimate garage space looks like.

Finally, keep the mother clean and tidy alright? You just sunk a Saturday afternoon cleaning the place, take the three minutes a night it takes to put things back where they belong. If it’s tidy, you’ll be more apt to keep it clean and wipe up any grease spots. If it’s clean, you’ll be more apt to keep it tidy and organized. It’s called the Circle of Garage Cleaning, and we got it from a movie about animals falling in love.

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