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Brisk Maté – Clean Energy and Focus for Hours

Brisk Maté is a new line of Ice Tea from Brisk that includes three new fruit flavors of Dragonfruit, Mango, and Cherry, each blended with a fairly niche tea known as Yerba Maté. Yerba Maté (pronounced ma-tay) is a tea extracted from the leaves of rainforest holly trees found in South America and offers those that drink it effects similar to caffeine but with far less of an ‘edge’ and a more pronounced feeling of focus.


Each of Brisk’s new Yerba Maté flavors offer something slightly different but at the core each one can be characterized by a subtle sweetness that is not overpowering and balances nicely with the complexity that the Yerba Maté notes offer. As I drank a 16 ounce can of the Dragonfruit flavor poured over ice the subtle flavors mixed extremely well and each taste ended in a palette refreshing finish that begged for another sip. Each of the three varieties offered something new and exciting, and while I enjoyed each one the Dragon Fruit had to be my favorite due to its subtle complexity.


An hour after enjoying a full can of Brisk Maté I experienced a refined focus that left me more acutely aware and alert, but in no way jittery. I do not enjoy most energy drinks due to their overly sweet nature characterized by a heavy spike in unfocused energy that ultimately leads to a day destroying crash. Brisk Maté is much easier drinking due a sweetness that is perfectly balanced with more complex flavor profiles, then the energy boost that it leads to is much more manageable with no jitters, clearer focus, and no crash afterwards.


If you want a clean energy boost that leaves you productive for hours and does not have the sugar infused sweetness associated with other energy drinks, be sure to try Brisk Maté infused with the versatile Yerba Maté tea.