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8 Ways To Look More Stylish Wearing Headgears

Headgears have a way of adding style and class to any type of outfit. It upgrades an ordinary-every-day look to a sophisticated attire within seconds. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with the right selection of appropriate headgear. Also, the right type of headgear compliments any outfit and would be regarded as a timeless piece. It’s safe to say that headgears make fashion statements anytime and day.

Interestingly, headgears are not just fashion pieces for women. As history has it that men were once connoisseurs where headgear is concerned. In the early days, it was almost absurd for a man to make an appearance at an event without wearing one. Headgears were worn to various events in earlier centuries both formal and informal gatherings.

The end of World War II saw men drop the headgear fashion. Research had it that they were exhausted from wearing their helmets during the war. They decided to give their head some rest for a while and that spearheaded the end of wearing headgears for most men. However, fashion-forward men have gradually begun to resuscitate and encourage their counterparts to bring back this old trend.

Here are 8 tips for looking more stylish in your headgears.

  1. What’s your Headgear Size?

Knowing this is very vital to nailing your look. It’ll be out of place, to have the headgear falling off your head while trying to walk the street or hug a guest. Imagine being the host of an event and your headgear just keeps dangling all over your head. It’ll not only be distracting to guests present. Also, you’ll not be as comfortable as you should, there’s also a possibility of it falling off at the slightest contact. To avoid this sort of embarrassment and uneasy feeling, it’s best to get your head size before purchasing one.

  1. The shape of Your Face

Here is one part a lot of newbies in the hat-wearing game get it all mixed up. For a hat to sit properly and bring out the classic man in you. It has to complement your facial structure. There are no two ways to make a fashion statement with your hat. It either complements your face or you get ready to look a little weird in it. To save yourself the stress of purchasing the wrong heart, you should speak to a fashionista or hat consultant. They can set you on the right part.

  1. Skin Tone

Most fashion-conscious people are already aware that skin tone is an important factor to consider before purchasing an outfit. Additionally, for every skin tone, there are so many varieties of hats, hence there’s absolutely no reason to be caught rocking a hat that doesn’t compliment your skin tone. Purchasing headgears that are in contrast with your skin tone might not be appropriate. Again, chances are high that your overall appearance might be ruined by that singular error.

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  1. Color Blocking

Except you’re attending a ‘clown-themed event, you have no reason to have a contrasting hat on. This simply means the color of your hat must be in unison with your entire outfit. Any discrepancy might land you on the fashion clown segment of the internet. Avoid color blocking!

  1. Dual Function

Although hats are fashion pieces, they can also help weather your storm. This simply means that headgears can protect you from cold, rain, sun, and other harsh weather conditions. This is another reason why stylish men always have it on because it serves the second purpose of protecting the scalp.

Also, men with scars on their heads can hide this from the piercing eyes of the world. All they need to do is wear appropriate headgears and avoid unnecessary questions from observers.

  1. Formal and Casual Hats

Some hats can only be worn to formal gatherings because of their composition. Ensure you don’t wear a formal heart on a casual dress and vice versa.

  1. The Golden Rule

There’s a golden rule that applies to wearing hats. This rule states that all hats must be taken off in private and indoor spaces. Don’t be caught violating this rule.

  1. Keep it Simple

It’s a general rule of law and applies to almost every sphere of life. Simplicity is key, especially when wearing an elaborate headgear that gets every head-turning. You don’t want to appear too busy or take the attention away from your heart. Be sure to keep it simple and classy.

Hats are an amazing accessory to any given outfit. This is because it adds color, confidence, class, and poise to your appearance. However, it is best to wear the appropriate headgear to the right event and be sure to strictly adhere to the golden rule.